ROG Moba 5 Plus unboxing review

ROG Moba 5 Plus never stingy

Recently, ROG officially brought a collective update of its game family. Among them, as the main high-end entry cost-effective series in the ROG game family, the ROG Moba 5 series is naturally not absent. As a ROG fan and heavy game player, I also got the ROG Moba 5 Plus product for the first time.

ROG Moba 5 Plus unboxing review
The Eye of Faith is still cool, with tough lines to create a compact body

Compared with the previous generation products, ROG Moba 5 Plus naturally has a comprehensive upgrade, and the appearance is no exception. After opening the box, it still has the familiar taste of ROG, and the overall shape gives people an e-sports style, in line with ROG’s consistent brand status. Seeing the ROG Moba 5 Plus body, the A side is still moved down, and it is not designed to fit the edge of the base completely. This design allows the A side to be cut to create an angular texture.

Compared with the predecessor, the whole new generation of ROG Moba 5 Plus has shrunk by about 7% while maintaining the same screen size, which also means that the overall size will be more compact. The A side is designed with all aluminum alloy material, which is more sturdy and has the advantages of anti-stick fingerprints. The iconic luminous LOGO Eye of Faith is located on the right side of the A side, corresponding to the dot matrix design that extends to the bottom left of the fuselage. The two complement each other, making it easier to immerse yourself in the brilliantly lit urban landscape. And you can see that in the lower right position, you can see the English logo of “ROG”, which is a hidden egg in design.

Next to the C side, ROG Moba 5 Plus uses a single-key RGB colorful shadow blade keyboard. Its keystroke is 1.8mm, with a full-key non-punch design, the overall feel is quite good, and the key life can reach about 20 million times, which is enough for retirement; and the keyboard area has also been improved, which has increased by about 85 % Of touchpad area.

At the bottom of the fuselage, ROG Magic 5 Plus uses a higher-density light bar, and its light effect will be more gorgeous. With the AURA SYNC function, you can freely add and set lighting effects, so that the floating light bar and the above keyboard RGB lighting effects can fully show its various changes, experience the real immersive game atmosphere, and realize the co-ignition of coolness and faith .

In addition, on the back of the fuselage, ROG Moba 5 Plus also provides a comprehensive expansion interface. It provides a USB 3.2 Gen2 interface that can support 100W PD charging and DisplayPort 1.4 output, a gigabit network cable interface, and an HDMI 2.0b port that can support the connection of 4K&60Hz display devices. There is no need to worry about its expansion performance.

ROG Moba 5 Plus never stingy
The top stacking material shows strong performance, ROG Moba 5 Plus never stingy

In terms of core configuration and processor, ROG Moba 5 Plus is equipped with AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX overclocking version. The processor uses a new generation of Zen3 architecture and 7nm process technology, has an 8-core 16-thread configuration, and provides a 5-phase power supply, extremely powerful. Its multi-core running score not only surpassed its competitors, but also achieved a leap from its predecessors.

For the graphics card, ROG Magic 5 Plus uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB. Support NVIDIA Dynamic Acceleration 2.0 function, its performance release can reach 130W. In addition, with the support of the new generation of RT and Tensor core architectures, it can show more realistic ray tracing effects and AI functional performance. In the high-performance configuration, various 3A large-scale games such as “Tomb Raider: Shadow” and “The Witcher 3” can have a smooth experience.

It is worth mentioning that in ROG Moba 5 Plus, Armoury Crate is still built-in to allow professional players to play equipment. This program opens up special permissions for the device, enabling users to view the current status of the system at any time, and quickly adapt to custom scenarios based on real-time requirements. Various key parameters, such as CPU frequency and fan speed, can be easily handled here.

300Hz professional gaming screen + dual SMART AMP speakers, bringing extraordinary audiovisual experience

In terms of screen, ROG Moba 5 series adopts a 17.3-inch ultra-narrow bezel professional gaming screen, covering 100% sRGB wide color gamut, up to about 87% screen-to-body ratio, providing a more immersive viewing experience; With a screen refresh rate of up to 300Hz, it can bring extremely smooth visual enjoyment whether it is game entertainment or daily use.

In addition to the screen, ROG Moba 5 Plus also has a lot of surprises in terms of sound effects. With the support of dual SMART AMP speakers + Dolby Atmos, it can achieve about 2.8 times higher volume and 3 times stronger bass, while having a dynamic range of 6.5dBa sound field, bringing a surround sound experience. And, if you wear headphones, you can feel that the 5.1.2 channel shows the experience as if you are on the spot.

Overall, ROG Moba 5 Plus does have a good performance. The upgraded design brings a cooler appearance. The hard-core configuration and the extremely high refresh rate screen provide an experience with no increase in price. As a high-end large-screen e-sports game, it is extremely cost-effective. At present, ROG Moba 5 Plus has opened an appointment on JD. Friends who like it may wish to pay attention.

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