Rexha Play microSD memory card evaluation

Rexha Play microSD memory card evaluation

In the storage market, Rexha has been a brand for 26 years, known for its high performance and high storage capacity. Recently, rexha launched the new Play microSD card.

Rexha Play microSD memory card evaluation
Big-picture general use microSD memory card before the camera, drones, surveillance cameras, or vehicle traveling data recorder smaller image recording tool, but in fact the microSD memory card application scope are not just pictures and video, such as the Switch console will support the extension microSD memory card installed in the operation of the game, some android phones and tablets also supports a microSD expansion, can store image, video, documents, etc, also can improve the APP running speed. However, such applications require a microSD card with a large storage capacity. However, many microSD cards on the market have a maximum capacity of 256GB. However, the maximum capacity of rexha’s Play microSD card is as high as 1TB. Although the 512GB version was tested this time, it still has a significant advantage over rival brands in terms of storage capacity.

Product appearance and characteristics

From the memory card of the outer packing can see the memory card is designed for tablet to create games consoles and mobile phones and memory card design is looking at is recreational temperament, highlighting is its entertainment function, whether in memory or the packaging as indicated the important information related to memory card, positive UHS – I tag shows the read speed of up to 104 MB/s, theoretically V30 and U3 mark indicates its write speed satisfy 30 MB/s, this also means that the microSD memory card can realize 4 k video shooting.


For android mobile phone and tablet computer users, more important is the A2 tag, this is a kind of application Performance rating standard (App Performance Class), the standard is mainly in order to give prominence to the micro SD memory card for smartphone or tablet usage scenarios of this kind of mobile device, ensure the best Performance to run the application, and meet the standard of micro SD card is not only can store video files, and it also can meet the operation and storage applications. The most basic application Performance level is App Performance Class1 (A1 for short). The A2 mark indicates that the card has a higher performance rating for the application, with 4000 random reads and writes per second (IOPS), 2000 minimum random writes per second (IOPS), and a stable minimum sequential writes of 10MB per second.

On the back of the package, Rexha also told us that with the Lexar 2-on-1 USB3.1 reader with the RevB logo and the Lexar Professional 3-on-1 USB3.1 reader, the read speed could be further improved to 150MB/s. So when using these two types of card readers, you can Play the ultimate performance of Rexha Play microSD memory card.

The performance test

We tested the actual read-write performance of this microSD memory card with ATTO Disk Benchmark and CrystalDiskMark software.

ATTO Disk Benchmark can test the read and write speed of the hard Disk. It can be seen from the test results that the read speed of Rexha Play microSD memory card is about 150MB/s and the write speed is about 123.47MB/s.

In Crystal DiskMark, the Rexha Play microSD card reached 151.41MB/s for sequential reads and 125.00MB/s for writes.

We’ll test the performance of the microSD card with FastCopy and a 1.3GB video file copy.

In FastCopy tests, the Rexsa Play microSD card was able to read 144.6MB/s and write 34.3MB/s. Through the test results of three different testing software, it can be seen that The Rexha Play microSD memory card basically conforms to the official claimed reading speed performance. Although the writing speed fluctuates, it can meet the daily needs of video and audio entertainment.

Scenario USES

Thanks to 512GB of mass storage, we can install a large number of games on this memory card in the Switch console, with a large number of archived games in the memory card without any problems. King of glory’s national mobile game was just as crisp and smooth when we installed it on a rexha Play microSD card. Even with the increased capacity consumption of these subsequent mobile game updates, 512GB of storage is enough to last a long time.


Not only that, the 512GB storage capacity can also help me store a lot of 4K ultra hd movies. Even the blu-ray CD can store a lot of resources, so it is a good idea to store massive movie and TV resources on this memory card.


Our video and audio entertainment experience will be further enhanced by the large capacity Of the Rexha Play microSD card. If you have a gaming console or a mobile device like a tablet that supports the expansion of the microSD card, consider using the Rexha Play microSD card as your storage solution.