Revolutionizing wireless charging? MagSafe’s bright spots are hard to find beneath its gorgeous exterior

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

If I had to use one word to describe MagSafe, the iPhone Battery Pack I’ve spent the last few days with, it would be awkward.


First we see the official announcement: iPhone 12 series of enhanced battery MagSafe external battery, domestic price as high as 749 yuan. Open the package, perhaps also because of the environmental protection plan, there is really only one MagSafe, even a lightning wire has no room to put. Subsequently, we went to Taobao search for the same type of products priced at about 200 yuan, there are a lot of people joke that this is an Apple logo IQ tax products, the fact is really so?

Appearance, as an external power supply, MagSafe appearance level is very durable, but positioning is a practical tool or ornamental items are not suitable for its place, the mini model of MagSafe is also very convenient to carry.

The MagSafe external battery back (the side in contact with the phone) is covered with grey soft material to reduce the impact of the adsorption and protect the glass back cover of the phone. It matches the MagSafe magnetic component inside the phone, close to the automatic aligned adsorption, and provides wireless power transmission.

The magnetic suction design can be closely fitted with the iPhone 12 series. We tried the iPhone with the official magnetic suction case, and the three can also be very closely connected. Compared with the third party’s magnetic suction charging power supply, the stability of this is still worth positive. Of course, the soul of Apple’s products lies in its unique charging sound and charging screen, the premise is to upgrade iOS 14.7 or above, otherwise it is easy to crash.


In terms of power, the diameter of the built-in magnetic component matches iPhone12 series, which can provide 5W wireless charging power for iPhone in daily use, and support 15W wireless charging output at most when connected to a computer.

Although MagSafe is marked with a rated capacity of only 1460mAh, but from the MagSafe back specifications can be seen, input: 5-9V3A, energy: 11.13Wh, battery voltage: 7.62V, the Internet has also had the disassembly person will MagSafe disassembly, see there are two cells inside the design, from these parameters, MagSafe external battery adopts double battery series scheme, the total capacity of the internal battery is about 2920mAh. In the actual charging test, we found that when the iPhone’s battery was 95% while listening to netease Cloud Music, the battery power dropped to 93% after listening to two songs, so I think MagSafe’s position is more suitable for you to use the emergency power source.

That see here there are users will ask: MagSafe support cable charging? So why use MagSafe to charge your phone when it’s wired? Of course, except in special cases, to sum up, I think MagSafe has two advantages, one is a strong fit, the second is convenient emergency charging.


It’s worth mentioning that the accessory also unlocks a new feature for the iPhone: reverse wireless charging. MagSafe’s external battery can also be recharged via the iPhone when it is wired, though this has few real-world applications.


In short, such a expensive charge bank can not provide strong support in terms of battery life, only for rainy days, but the small volume of MagSafe external battery uses two strings of battery, the total capacity of 2920mAh, but also can meet the user’s short distance out of the battery life supply needs, The current list of compatible models includes iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you are a real iPhone fan, then 749 yuan is a good collection.