revision tutorial for software

revision tutorial for software

After exiting the page, I continued to scroll down. The second search result was a very obvious advertisement selling a revision tutorial for software such as snapseed.

Looking down, I found another download address. With a try, I hit download now. It’s right this time. It’s snapseed. For a few years, I thought the software was too old for me.

So I went back to the search page and continued to look for a link to download the new version of the software. Then I was attracted by the title of “99 game” website. The description of “snapseed’s latest Chinese version” was 100% consistent with my needs.

However, after downloading, it is still the old version of the software. It made me start to be a little suspicious of life.

I continued to search and finally found a relatively new snapseed on the “easy to play” website. This time, there are still two download buttons, one is “download now”, and the other is green and more striking “secure download”. If you look closely, you will find that there are two small lines at the bottom of the download link to remind “secure download” leads to “360 assistant”.


After clicking “download now”, I finally used snapseed. Although it is the 2018 version, it is less functional than the latest version, but it can at least do some basic processing for images.

For “old drivers”, they may already be familiar with these Internet routines.

For example, in the two download buttons of “Ruqi travel enterprise edition”, intuitively, you should choose the “click to download” that is not highlighted in blue, even if the website may bluff that “the downloaded file may be at risk.”. A “casual” friend may click the “safe download” button to get a “Qihu” software mall that they don’t need.

The above software download experience does not only happen on “snapseed” and “Ruqi travel enterprise edition”. For example, if you can’t find the software in the official mall and can’t get on the official website, the public basically has to go through the above annoying download process.

Windows users said that they had seen these routines for a long time

The problem of “hard to download software” does not only occur on mobile phones, but also on computers. And the above routine, in the computer side appeared earlier.

if your network age is long enough, you should remember Huajun software park

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