Review each generation of Huawei Mate Series

Review each generation of Huawei Mate Series

A mobile phone price of tens of thousands, seems to be in the high-profile mobile phone market is already normal. Not only Samsung, apple have such strength, but the domestic Huawei mobile phone has already entered the flagship! As we all know, Huawei mate series is the representative of the flagship high-quality matching in China. Besides the folding screen of mate X series, it also has a more noble Porsche version of mate. But who can think that Huawei mobile phone 8 years ago is not a very famous mobile phone manufacturer (before also with the operator to contract machine), but less than 10 years has become a gorgeous transformation! This is Huawei’s most successful Charm: Mate Series!


Today, I would like to take you to review the 8-year history of Huawei mate series, how to develop from 2000 price mid tier mobile phone to the top flagship today!


1、 Huawei mate generation 1 of 2688


In 2013, when we were immersed in the 3.5/4-inch large screen of iPhone, Huawei Mate Series took the lead in breaking through the limitation of screen, and directly came a 6.1-inch large screen phone. At the time, the phone was comparable to a tablet, with IPS materials and 720p resolution.


From 20 to tens of thousands, review the products of Huawei Mate Series_ Sina public test


Besides, the machine is equipped with self-developed 4-core hiss k3v2 processor, 2 + 8GB memory combination. It is worth mentioning that it is equipped with 4050mah super capacity battery, which is almost the same as now. Therefore, Huawei will position mate’s first generation in the high-end mobile phone, starting at 2688!


2、 Huawei mate 2 of 2888


This is Huawei’s second mate product. It has changed the reason “ascend mate” to “mate” as the code, and ascend has begun to shape the development of P-Series.


In fact, Huawei mate 2 has little change in appearance compared with the first generation, and it is still a high-definition large screen of 6.1-inch 1280 × 720 HD. However, in the processor, it uses its own Kirin 910 processor with a main frequency of 1.6GHz, and adopts 28nm process technology, and has a large battery of 4050mah.


From 20 to tens of thousands, review the products of Huawei Mate Series_ Sina public test


Huawei mate 2 has started supporting 4G networks, and the highlight of the main hit is the photo taking function. Its rear camera has used 13megapixels for the first time, while the front camera has reached 5 megapixels. At that time, taking photos was also a very good medium and high-end mobile phone.


3、 Huawei mate 7 of 2999


Jazz life! See here everybody thought of Yang Zhe, right! It is he who has created a new image of Huawei mate series and gradually began to be high-end. In September 2014, Huawei mate 7 has made a new change compared with the previous two generations of products, especially in appearance, with a more commercial style, and the screen changed to 1080 6-inch display; meanwhile, the fuselage also adopts aviation aluminum material and equipped with post fingerprint unlocking technology.


From 20 to tens of thousands, review the products of Huawei Mate Series_ Sina public test


In terms of configuration, Huawei mate 7 is equipped with Kirin 925 processor, with eight cores, and its performance is excellent, and it is also the beginning of Huawei talking about its own chip. In addition, it also has the 4100mAh capacitor +NFC+OTG+1300 million pixel SONY fourth generation BSI sensor’s plus; at the same time, the machine started the ultra wide angle lens collocation, 88 degree was also very awesome at that time.


It is worth mentioning that Huawei mate 7 was very popular in the year, and the sales of over 5million made the machine a famous mobile phone of the year. At this point, Huawei mate series has been fully recognized by users!


4、 Huawei mate 8 of 2999


In fact, before mate 8, Huawei also issued a Huawei mate S. many people think it is an over product. Although Kirin 935 chip is adopted, the battery capacity reduction makes some users dissatisfied. At the same time, its appearance is also approaching fashion, which feels that it is against the business style of mate series. So the product was soon replaced by Huawei mate 8, which was released in the same year.


From 20 to tens of thousands, review the products of Huawei Mate Series_ Sina public test


Mate 8 is Huawei’s flagship mobile phone of the generation, and its design and hardware configuration can be compared with the high-profile mobile phones at that time. 2.5D diamond cutting glass screen, more gentlemanly style! The 6-inch FHD screen plus 52 metal appearance of craft makes business feel full. It can be said to be the creation of a high-quality product for successful business people.


From 20 to tens of thousands, review the products of Huawei Mate Series_ Sina public test


In terms of configuration, Huawei mate 8 adopts 16nm Kirin 950 processor, and starts A72 architecture and latest GPU. Meanwhile, it also uses 4G lddr4 memory +4000mah high capacity battery + front 8million + 16 megapixel lens behind it. What’s more, it has started the use of optical anti shake power, and it is more advanced in shooting.


5、 Huawei mate 9 of 3399


Further, further!


This is the slogan of Huawei at that time. The new Huawei mate 9 mobile phone has started multi version design, and the pro version + RS Porsche version has also been released. Meanwhile, Huawei has also begun to cooperate with Lecca, and its photo taking ability has been greatly improved!