Responsible for appearance: Xingaluo Shen EM2 ring iron earphone

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I have burned earphones recently, and I have equipped different earphones for commuting and sports scenes. When I was in front of the computer, I felt that there was still something missing. Although there was Bose Sound Revolve on the desktop, the daughter-in-law went to bed earlier and earlier, and the audio only accumulated dust. So I decided to get started with a pair of new stoppers and picked this one from Xing Ge.

About Xingge

Keep fighting to defend the community-“Book of Rites. Tan Gong”

Xingge SIMGOT, we imply “Great Xing and Fighting”. Only advocating the ultimate product and perfect service, only believe in the accumulation of the old technology precipitation and the new generation’s determination and innovation. Don’t compromise with cowardice and conservativeness, don’t compromise with too much, don’t compromise with difficulties and ties. We have redefined good domestic HIFI products, and we will define your sensory world again. Don’t stop and start again, go on fighting, and defend the community. Tribute to art and science. (From Xing Ge official website)


When the order was placed in the middle of the night, the earphones arrived in the morning. Now we are so happy that we can buy what we want without leaving home.

When the express arrived, I was about to go out. The light outside was very good, so I took a few photos on the side of the road.

My first HiFi headset is really tall. The black packaging reveals a mysterious smell, and the icon of Luoshen is branded on it, which is a bit compelling.

Responsible for face value-Xingaluo Shen EM2 ring iron earphones

I couldn’t help but curiosity and took out the headphones for a flash shot. This portable leather case needs to add chicken legs to Hingo, it feels great!

After seeing the cable and the main body of the headset, I was even more convinced that I made the right choice.

Show details

After returning home, let’s make another fake out of the box. The small Hi-Res golden label on the upper right corner of the package means that Xingge EM2 has passed the Hi-Res Audio certification, which is a high-resolution audio headset.

Hi-Res is called High Resolution Audio, also known as high-resolution audio. Hi-Res Audio is a high-quality audio product design standard proposed and defined by Sony and formulated by JAS (Japan Audio Association) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). The purpose of Hi-Res audio is to express the ultimate music quality and the reproduction of the original sound, so as to get the real experience of the original singer or performer in the live performance. High-resolution music refers to a music format in which the amount of sound information exceeds the quality of CD, that is, the sampling rate is greater than 44.1kHz and the bit depth is greater than 16bit.

Tossing about earphones on the desk at night, new things are always very exciting.

Take apart the family portrait one by one: the main body of the earphone, the cable, the storage bag, and six pairs of earplugs (yes, you read that right, it is six pairs of earplugs.) Warranty card and instructions for use.