Regret to buy and regret not early to buy dishwasher

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Some time ago, the topic of “it’s really difficult for southerners to live in winter” has become a hot topic. Even the people of Guangzhou who are in the tropics say that this winter is extremely cold. What’s more, the temperature is low, and the corresponding water temperature is also low. I feel that I have lost my hands after washing the dishes every day. Therefore, recently, some people always ask me whether I should buy a dishwasher?


In fact, every winter, a lot of people consult this question. However, among all the household appliances, dishwasher is probably the most controversial product, and the word-of-mouth difference on the Internet is very serious.

Some people like to wash up the dishwasher, wash it dirty, make complaints about water and electricity, wash the bowl and wash the machine, and put the bowl according to the rules. In short, it is much more trouble than hand washing. Some people also said that they really “regret” buying the dishwasher. They regret not buying the dishwasher earlier. They throw the tableware into the dishwasher after dinner. They are relaxed and comfortable. They also solve family conflicts by the way, so they don’t have to quarrel with their wives.


Hate hate vs love love death is the true portrayal of people’s view of dishwasher, which makes hesitant consumers in the middle very confused. Is the dishwasher a magic weapon to liberate hands or a useless IQ tax?

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Three disputes of dishwasher


Not clean?


The steamed rice that you heard most on the Internet is that the dishwasher is not clean. Opponents think its actual effect is far less than hand washing, especially when make complaints about heavy oil, dried rice and greasy frying pan.


The principle of dishwasher and hand washing is very different. Hand washing is the friction of hand force. As long as the strength is big enough and careful enough, it can be washed clean. The dishwasher is washed by high-pressure water column. The reason why we are worried is that the water column is insufficient and the coverage is not comprehensive.


In the picture above, I fill the dishwasher with dishes full of hot pot seasonings and various seasonings, including dishes, bowls, cooking pots, frying pans, vegetable baskets, and cups, which basically cover the tableware commonly used in daily life. And the oil stayed overnight, completely frozen.


Before washing vs after washing before washing vs after washing

The difference between before and after washing is very obvious. Before washing, the oil stain is quite heavy, and every tableware is clean as before.


Take a look at this stainless steel vegetable basket. It has a dense porous structure. It is very easy to hide dirt. After being cleaned by the dishwasher, there is no residue.


We are more concerned about whether we can wash the pot. This one in the picture has 14 sets of capacity. It is not difficult to wash two pots, and it is also very clean. If there is a large demand for washing pots, it is recommended to buy more than 10 sets of capacity. If less than 10 sets can not be put in, or if one pot is filled, it is impossible to wash other tableware.


I have evaluated more than five dishwashers before and after. According to the test results, the vast majority of dishwashers are no longer dirty, especially foreign brands. The washing effect is excellent.


This is because the current dishwasher spray system design is more reasonable, generally there are rotating spray arms up and down, each spray arm is arranged with a considerable number of water outlets, as far as possible to cover every area.


What’s more, dishwasher is washed with hot water above 60 ℃. High temperature hot water plus detergent has strong ability to dissolve oil stains. In addition, the washing time is often longer than 1 hour or even 2 hours, which further improves the washing effect.