Redmi note 9 Pro: 100 million pixels reinterpret

Redmi note 9 Pro: 100 million pixels reinterpret the relationship between high end and cost performance

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Redmi Note Series has always been defined as the quality of xiaojingang, and constantly defines the interpretation of “cost performance”. As the leader among thousands of yuan, since the birth of note, it is good at transferring high-end technology to public products. Now this series has ushered in the third product after the independence of the brand. Sina digital also got redmi note 9 pro. After experiencing it for a while, I’d like to talk to you about it.


Take a look at the appearance. The front screen is 6.67 inches, larger than the previous generation. This is still an LCD screen with side fingerprint unlocking. The area of chin is still not small, but the diameter of the front single hole is smaller than that of the previous generation: 3.8mm, and the front appearance is moderate.


The rear round camera module is used on the back of the mobile phone, and the ladder design is adopted for the whole convex part, which visually weakens the visual bulge of the camera module. Generally speaking, the overall appearance is in a regular manner, which is a regular play in cost-effective products.


Of course, for the note series, what’s more important is what’s in this cheap bucket?


100 million pixels down to 1000 yuan machine


First of all, we can directly perceive 100 million pixels. You don’t have to open the camera interface to see this. From the appearance of the camera module, we can see that the camera sensor is very large and convex.


Putting 100 million pixels down on note9pro sounds like a redmi thing. Hm2, the third generation of 100 million pixel sensor, has a 1 / 1.52 inch soles. The advantages of the big bottom are obvious. In the same environment, there is more light input, better image quality and less noise.


But at the beginning, there was a problem on the 100 million pixel cc9pro, which was that the imaging was very clear, but the photography speed was a little slow, so it took three or four seconds to wait. We have a try, and the speed of taking photos has improved a lot. After pressing the button to take photos, the small circle will turn better. This is actually very important for the experience.


Another thing to say about hm2 sensor is that it supports 9-in-1 pixel fusion technology and dual native ISO technology.


Dark light shooting

These two technologies are some of the photographing technologies carried on the high-end flagship mobile phones this year. For example, the dual native ISO has the advantage of setting two groups of native ISO values: one large and one small. When the light is good, the low native ISO is used, and when the light is poor, the plateau born ISO is used instead of digital amplification to ensure the image quality. There is a feeling of HDR multi frame synthesis, but this time it is used in ISO.


The 9-in-1 pixel fusion technology was carried on s20alltra before. This technology also means to increase the sensitive area of pixels. After fusion, the size of a single pixel is 2.1um, which can greatly improve the shooting ability of dark light scenes.


Dark light shooting

In the actual measurement, the performance of redmi note 9 pro in dark light is very good, which can restore the scene light picture and display rich color.

Shooting without lights on

This photo was taken in the classroom without the lights on and in a dark environment, but the shooting effect is very good, the picture brightness is improved, and the irritability is less, and the overall texture is delicate.

When shooting with normal indoor light, the color restoration tends to be real, and the color restoration tends to be realistic

The other lenses are 8 million ultra wide angle lenses, 2 million scene depth lenses, and a 2 million macro lens. In the actual shooting, the effect of macro lens is slightly general, and the sense of grain is obvious.

Macro shooting

120Hz high screen swipe for smoother experience

After taking pictures, let’s talk about this screen. It supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Everyone has a high demand for high brush. According to the voting done by Sina mobile phone some time ago, the high refresh rate of the screen is almost the same as 5g, which is the technology most people care about when changing their phones.