Redmi MAX 86-inch TV

Redmi MAX 86-inch TV

While Redmi announced the new Redmi K40/Pro smartphone dual flagship and RedmiBook Pro notebook new products, it also released the new Redmi MAX TV, an 86-inch smart TV priced at only 7,999 yuan. To use Lu Weibing’s description, it is the first for young people. A large screen TV.

Redmi MAX 86-inch TV

The Redmi MAX TV uses an 86-inch 120Hz IPS panel, supports 120Hz MEMC motion compensation, and supports partition backlighting. Specifically, there are a total of 90 partitions. The TV has three HDMI interfaces, one of which supports HDMI2.1, 4K 120Hz screen output, VRR variable refresh rate and ALLM automatic low-latency mode.


In addition to its own work for the personal living room, Redmi MAX has also optimized its software for office scenes. It supports one-click switching to the professional conference large-screen mode, which can be used for office applications such as wireless screen projection, video conferencing, and document management.


Redmi MAX is also optimized for packaging, using high-density sponges and cutting corners of the outer packaging to control the packaging size, and has been adapted to 99.9% of elevators.


Redmi MAX 86-inch is priced at 7999 yuan, which is currently the largest and lowest-priced product at the same price. The TV is now available for deposit pre-sale and will be sold at 0:00 on March 4.

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