Redmi game phone naming

Redmi game phone naming

Redmi mobile just announced the official name and release time of redmi game mobile phone, which is officially named K40 game enhanced version and will be released at 19:30 on April 27.


Redmi game phone naming
The official also announced the slogan of redmi K40 game enhancement: “it’s not as light as a hard core game phone.”. “If you want a hard core game mobile phone, you should be more frivolous and beautiful; if you want the flagship’s performance, control, audio and video, you should have the ultimate price; if you want to come for you, you should fight for you,” the official said Therefore, the machine has excellent game performance at the same time, but also the main light fuselage design.



According to the official poster, in addition to adding a circle of LED lights around the lens module, it seems to be equipped with the same mechanical lifting “game shoulder key” as black shark game mobile phone 4.


According to the known news, redmi K40 game enhanced version will be equipped with Lianfa Tianji 1200 flagship processor, Samsung E4 material OLED 144hz single hole screen, built-in 5000mAh super capacity battery, and support 67W ultra fast flash charging.


It home learned that Lu Weibing once said: “this time, we will continue to implement redmi efficiency under the brand mission of extreme cost performance, and make the professional E-sports experience more inclusive to the public at a more reasonable price, breaking through the bottom line of game phone price. With more hard core game experience and more ultimate flagship cost performance, declare war on the old mobile game industry.

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