Realme q series new exposure machine

Realme q series new exposure machine

According to the previous news, realme will launch a new mid-range model this month, equipped with Lianfa Tianji 1100 chip, focusing on cost performance, and the pricing is very brutal, which is expected to be less than 2000 yuan.

Realme q series new exposure machine

This morning, the blogger brought the latest news about the machine.


According to the disclosure, this new machine equipped with Tianji 1100 processor belongs to the realme q series, which may be named Q3 / Q5. It will also be equipped with 120Hz high swipe screen, 4500mAh large battery and 50W fast charging. This configuration is very competitive in the price range of less than 2000 yuan.


It is worth mentioning that realme may also include a 65W quick filling head in the packaging of the machine.


As for the appearance, the new realme Q machine may continue the previous family style design, with a perforated full screen on the front and a matrix four camera scheme on the back, focusing on the overall fashion appearance.


It should be noted that although the price of the new realme q is very “low”, it can also provide strong performance output, which is mainly due to the latest Tianji 1100 chip of MediaTek.


It is reported that Tianji 1100 adopts a new 6nm EUV process, which increases the transistor density by 18% compared with the previous product, and can reduce the power consumption by 8% under the same performance conditions. It adopts an 8-core architecture of 4 * 2.6GHz A78 + 4 * 2.0GHz A55, and the GPU is mali-g77 mc9.


At the same time, it also upgraded the support for UFS 3.1 dual channel flash memory, and also supported flagship technologies such as lpddr4x-2133 memory, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi Fi 6, L1 + L5 dual band positioning, sub 6GHz 5g band, dual 5g standby, etc.


In the previous run test, the multi-core performance of Tianji 1100 chip has surpassed that of Xiaolong 870, and the overall performance of both sides is comparable. It can be called a “quasi flagship” chip with excellent performance, which is worth looking forward to.