Read all HiFi circles in 2020 in one article

New noise reduction product Y600NC released in 2019

The global epidemic rages throughout the year, and the losses caused are unimaginable. Compared with other industries, the “miaoxiao” hifi circle seems to be less impacted. New products are still coming out, the consumption is not a lot, and the things are more expensive. Who can make sense? However, some traditional big factories seem to be a little bit “inspired”. The “four major earphone manufacturers” that domestic enthusiasts have created-Senhai, Bayer, AKG and Goethe, there is not even a new hifi product:

Senhai is still taking the legacy of the ie800 series and hd800 series. As a result, the ie500pro, which uses the 7mm XWB micro-motion coil unit, continues to roll over and the price collapses. The only new product to watch in 2020 is the 75th anniversary version of HD800s. Unfortunately, it is just the packaging. A local gold shell;

Read all HiFi circles in 2020 in one article
Baia’s Xelantou seems confident to sell until 2030, and the name may be Xelento Remote BT MKX. The competitiveness of the new low-resistance headsets, T1 and T5, is not the same as that of T1 in 2009;

South Korea’s dominant brand, oh no, the former Austrian Voice AKG has completely become a consumer audio brand. The Y series and N series have become the main products, and the K series have completely abandoned the update. All resources are tilted towards the field of wireless and noise reduction headphones. After all, in the eyes of those consumers, AKG is still a “very powerful hifi brand”;

New noise reduction product Y600NC released in 2019
New noise reduction product Y600NC released in 2019

Goethe’s new products are still on the limited wooden bowls of GH3 and 4 at the beginning of 2019. At the same time, the first flagship GS3000e with the code name “3000” is very popular. After all, there are pure beryllium moving coils and a bunch of black technology tablets at the same price. , This kind of traditional upgrade and iterative range is still slightly more Buddhist.

Finally replaced the GS3000e with a larger aperture unit

Earplug ring, the “four major moving iron factories”-UE, Weston, Etymotic, Shure, only the last one has a little “spray”: Aonic 3, 4, 5 established a new mid-end product line and completed A tribute to E4C and the handover of the “Legendary Veteran” SE535, but the four-unit SE846 is still retained. What does this mean? “I thought I was too angry? It doesn’t exist!”

After talking about European and American brands, let’s talk about a few well-known Japanese manufacturers: Sony has experienced 18 years of success in IER-M9 and Z1R. According to the update speed, it is unlikely to produce new high-end hifi products in the past two years. The flagship DAP of the alcohol sound series is still Suo 60,000 and BRIC, and there is no sign of update either. The highlight of the earplugs part is the update of Justear, which has made some celebrity cooperation limited models, including LiSA, Nanjo Aino, Sawano Hiroyuki, etc., among which the version of Sawano Great God is still very good.

Audio-Technica’s earplugs continue to roll over-it’s you, the flagship IEX1! However, the headwear products have saved a lot of face: the “big fan” ADX5000 and the “small fan” R70x of the “old tree blooming” were sold out of stock, and the new wooden bowls AWKT and AWAS also have their own flavors, at least the hifi is insufficient. The problems left over from history have basically been solved, and the M50xBT purple limited edition is also considered a conscience product in the Bluetooth headset.

Ebony flagship ATH-AWKT/f

The well-known custom earplug brand FitEar, which monopolizes the Japanese ACG artist circle, is non-customized this year. After the Togo! 335P China limited edition, Togo! 222 and 333 were launched, filling the vacancies of 111 and 334, but the most concerned is the brand new The flagship product DC of the electrostatic + double moving coil hybrid unit, the sound is really good, but it is really difficult to push. Ps: The flagship of the old thief Xushan is expensive.

After talking about the Japanese headphone brands, let’s talk about the “handle” of portable players. Avery is relatively stable. In 2020, four new models of SR25, SA700, SE200 and Kann Alpha will be released. Except that the flagship still retains SP2000, the rest of the product line has been fully updated, the design language has been slightly changed, and the sound quality and performance are different. The degree of improvement. Among them, the SE200 with dual DACs and the third-generation Alpha of Kann series, which are very competitive within 10,000 yuan, are relatively outstanding. The latter is also the first Avery and DAP to adopt 4.4mm balanced interface standard. However, this 4.4 standard was developed by Sony next door…

“Domestic HiFi continues to grow stronger”

Speaking of domestic hifi headsets, I have to mention the “net celebrity representative” hifiman. “Imitated R10” can be said to be a tribute to the “king of dynamic circles”, or it can be said to be “design plagiarism”, no matter the behavior is good or bad, at least it is a gimmick. Judging from the actual sound quality reputation, hifiman still has to rely on the tablet and electrostatic products that were released earlier: high-end “battle at the Olympics” and entry “diving”. Only from the sound price ratio, it is really good.

HE-R10 which is exactly the same as Sony MDR-R10

Benchmarking high-end foreign goods is the customary operation of domestic hifi brands. The high-end positioning is also the only way for many brands that are cost-effective to test upwards. For example, the original road of 9 yuan and 9 free shipping also has a thousand-yuan flagship flat head plug. , 14.2mm diameter Japanese LCP diaphragm + MMCX interchangeable line design, just like an uncompromising hifi level flat head plug.

The domestic manufacturers that originally had a certain hifi basis were very hot at the price of 2000. Yuyin’s new flagship Jingzhe is equipped with all Lou’s 4 moving iron units and Olaer, which was originally mainly engaged in decoding amps, has introduced MGD multi-dimensional diaphragms. The new single-moving coil Jasper, and the old cost-effective factory FiiO launched two 2000-level new products, EM5 and FD5, which are flat head plugs and earplugs. Nowadays, all flagships, whether they are ear-in or flat-headed, are basically four-digit numbers.

In-ear flagship dynamic FiiO FD5 with beryllium-plated DLC dome diaphragm

After launching the 10,000 yuan flagship-pure beryllium diaphragm last year, Dainco added a new product “Zen” at the price of 5,000. Equipped with a 13.5mm diameter independent suspension magnesium alloy pure metal diaphragm, the magnetic flux reaches 1.8T, and 8 Furukawa single crystal copper silver-plated wires are standard. After the launch of the two high-end dynamic coils, coupled with the mid-to-high-end ring iron camp, the main earplug product layout is basically completed. The main point is that there are too many accessories, and it is suspected of buying earplugs to send adapters.

Shui Yueyu, who originally made a flat-head plug, also launched a new flagship “Light” this year in 5,000 gears. This positioning just “avoided” Turii, the main product of its own high-end brand Softears. The previous 4000-speed moving iron flagship A8 was not tepid, and the performance of the moving-coil flagship light was relatively average. The main highlight was the golden appearance. As far as the quality of the unit is concerned, the competitiveness of 11mm diameter + LCP dome diaphragm + high damping overhang + 1.6T magnetic flux is not particularly outstanding, of course, the tuning is different.

When it comes to tuning, we have to mention Oriolus. The domestic high-end earplugs started with the old black oriole. The selling price was 5380 at the time. Later, the updated limited edition changed to high-end wire, and the price also mentioned 7580. In 2020, the black oriole series has been updated to white oriole, and the price has risen to 7880. It is also a three-iron design with adjustments to the wire. The tuning is a soft version of the black oriole LTD. From the first generation of black oriole to today’s white The yellow oriole, the tuning becomes more and more neutral, but the original iconic rich vocals are correspondingly weakened.

Different from the headphone circle, the domestic player circle has laid a high-quality foundation in terms of sound quality, and the proportion of high-end players above 5000 is also increasing. Therefore, how the game of “National Brick” last year has established technical barriers or Add more black technologies to strengthen core competitiveness. For example, the sound quality has always been no problem with the beauty of temperament. A “Super Brick” W1 with a built-in win10 system was created. It has two AK4499s and the price is over 10,000. This shape is really a bit ridiculous. The fire at Asahi Kasei Plant is also serious. Affected production capacity.

The black technology small brick of the face value online should be the new flagship R8 of Haibei. The first DAP with a built-in 4G module is also the brand’s first high-end product with a price of over 10,000. It has built-in dual AK4497 and processor Snapdragon 660. It can be said to be the player closest to the configuration of a mobile phone, but the overall product positioning is still slightly Embarrassment: Only those hobbyists who have a large number of high-quality streaming needs and have a sufficient budget can become the target group. After all, 4G functions are the same as the Win10 system, but only provide convenience, not a direct effect on sound quality.

This year’s hottest black technology model should be Lebi’s P6 series, which is also a core skill point-to-place. As the world’s first DAP with a fully discrete R-2R architecture, P6 and the subsequent P6PRO version with fully optimized control and quality use 202 resistors to build the DAC to obtain a more analog sense of hearing. This architecture was only used on desktop pure decoders before, and Lebi not only moved it into a small body, but also added a screen, battery and amplification part, and the distortion of the whole machine was also at the same level as the high-end DS architecture. , It solves the old problem that the R-2R distortion index is not good, but the starting price of 20,000 is not affordable for ordinary people.

“The top flagship is more extreme”

The ultimate here must first be the ultimate in price. In 2020, Shanling launched the M8, and finally updated its flagship to the 10,000 yuan level. Since then, apart from Qianlongsheng, the remaining flagships of the national brick brands have reached 10,000 yuan or more. The M8 obviously goes against the M15. It is also the Android flagship model with two AK4499 DACs. The interface adopts a replaceable design. The Gain Turbo mode can achieve 840mW@32Ω super thrust. To say that the most competitive model in the ten thousand yuan class last year, I will vote for Shanling.

Speaking of the extreme price, the R-2R model will definitely be mentioned. The most expensive brick is still the Lebi LP6Ti, which was launched in 2018, but the limited 199 units have been discontinued. At present, the most expensive national brick in mass production is not the 29800 Lebi LP6 gold version, but the hifiman HM1000 that will be launched in 2020. Both are R-2R models. The difference is that “Tai Shanghuang” does not use the LP6 industrial grade R-2R. The chip, and still uses the civilian top R-2R DAC PCM-1704K (4), if it is the strongest portable Bluetooth amp, no one is expected to object, but as a player, Taishanghuang does not seem to be very qualified. There are problems of varying degrees in terms of quality control and quality control. In addition, the super-high premium also makes 1704K stockpiles strange.

In addition to Shanling’s new 10,000 yuan flagship and Hifiman’s super flagship of 30,000 yuan, other DAP brands are constantly adding new high-end product lines: Avery and SP2000 have updated the Vegas Gold gold limited edition, and Letu updated the titanium version of the ink. Chrysanthemum is also on sale in limited quantities, as well as the aforementioned P6 “component refined version”-P6PRO, which are all in the range of 20000-30000. It can be said that the ultra-flagship threshold in 2020 has doubled from 10,000 yuan.

Letu’s new flagship Titanium Chrysanthemum with optimized single-ended circuit

Compared with DAP, the price increase of the earphone ring is more exaggerated, but from the perspective of stacking materials, it seems to be “more worthwhile”. After all, there is no extreme stacking material, and it is unlikely to have the courage to sell high prices. 64audio has updated its own customized new flagship A18s, priced at 22,999, equipped with 18 moving iron units, which can be said to be the ultimate level of pure moving iron earplugs; in contrast, the new Nio with an 8-iron male model at 13,999 is more like A plate of appetizers.

64Audio 18 unit flagship moving iron A18s

When it comes to the stacking of high-end earplugs, one has to mention the EST electrostatic unit produced by Denmark. Including this unit seems to have become standard for top earplugs. FiR Audio, a young brand established only in 18 years, launched its new flagship M5 last year, and its brand founder came from 64Audio. M5 uses a circle of three irons and one static electricity, 5 units of 5 frequency. Including ductless design, ATOM air pressure control, 4D bass resonance and other technologies, under the premise that the unit stacking is not exaggerated, through the use of a number of exclusive acoustic technologies, another way of “stacking” is realized. , Has a relatively good sense of music in the top monitoring earplugs, but the quality level is not top-notch.

FAudio, which is known for its large and small circles, also updated its flagship Project Y: a 9.2mm beryllium-plated moving coil + 4 moving irons + 2 statics. It comes standard with a newly designed SPC Shield upgrade line, but the price is ” Only “17999”, as the 5th anniversary of the new brand, is limited to 399 sets. As a personally recommended style, Project Y’s tone is natural and smooth, without serious connection problems, and the tone balance is very good, thanks to the two patented technologies of True Crossover Technology and Triple Built-in Acoustic Chamber.

The new flagship Khaos launched in 2020 by NG Audio, which is the same Hong Kong brand as FAudio, uses 1 lap, 4 irons and 4 static electricity. The configuration is higher than Project Y, and the national bank price is as high as 24,999 yuan. The former 8 moving iron 4 static electricity EURUS once gave I was shocked by the power of its low frequency, and its great potential. Khaos’ style is more comprehensive, clean and balanced, and has a fever-reducing temperament.

The last member of the 2020 iron electrostatic arms race will be the new flagship Sultan of Noble Audio in the United States. It is also the first earplug with an electrostatic mixing unit of its own. 1 10mm moving coil + 4 Lou’s moving iron + 2 acoustic electrostatics, 7 The unit is divided by 4 and the price is 24280. The overall balance is the best among several hybrid flagships, and the quality is also the highest echelon. However, it lacks some recognition and is more suitable for fever reduction than Khaos. Unfortunately, private model customization is not provided.

Finally, the two top domestic products, the prices are more exaggerated than the above ones. The first is the 42000 Oriolus flagship crested ori, as the highest-end model of the Oriole series, the crested ori adopts a full-sound configuration-2 low frequency moving iron + 6 intermediate frequency moving iron + 4 high frequency static electricity, standard PW1960s custom wire sold for 16000 yuan. The tuning aesthetic of the elderly has always focused on sweet vocals and delicate high frequencies. As for the low frequencies, they can be “strategicly abandoned”. But this time on the crested bird, there is almost nothing wrong with it except Gui. Of course, if you speak harshly, Gui is actually not a shortcoming of earplugs.

The last thing to talk about is the “price ceiling” among earplugs-QDC’s concept product “Blue Dragon King”. The configuration of the ordinary flagship VX core and the like will not be elaborated. If you feel the following design details, you will understand why fans call it pure luxury: 18k plated real financial and titanium metal three-dimensional hollow panel, 800 sapphire inlaid, The dragon scale wire, mid-range and plug outer quilts of the four alloy materials of gold, silver, copper and palladium are all made of titanium, and only full reservations are accepted. The production cycle is about 3 months.