Razer appeared at the 2021ChinaJoy first-line game booth

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

The official opening of Chinajoy 2021. The exhibition lasts for 4 days, the scene of the major manufacturers full of sincerity, attract players from all over Shanghai, to witness this game lover’s exclusive feast. Razer has joined hands with a number of first-tier game manufacturers to set up experience areas, bringing top-notch equipment and innovative ideas, as well as offering massive peripheral benefits to players.


Follow Razer and become the number one player in the game

Over the past 20 years, razer’s pursuit of high-end performance and multiple innovations has led to the release of a number of popular gaming equipment. At this year’s Chinajoy, Razer also set up an experience area with various game equipment of its own to provide exciting demos and on-site explanations for players.

During the show, you can use the Razer Poison Viper Ultimate to experience the precision control of the Razer Focus+ optical sensor, the Razer Black Widow Spider V3 wireless keyboard to beat the competition with the first class Razer mechanical shaft, or wear the Cyclone Black Shark V2 Pro. Unlock THX space sound and other technologies to create an immersive auditory feast……

At the same time, players can also participate in the new “Razer Head player” activity, looking for the figure of razer in the scene will have a chance to win the beautiful surrounding.


Pattern opens, fantastic linkage SHOW new experience

As a leader in the innovation of gaming equipment, gaming hardware and esports, Razer has always been able to accurately hit the needs of players and give them what they want in terms of equipment design and interaction with fans. This year, razer is united the tencent games, netease game, blizzard entertainment, a perfect world, 360 game, century tiancheng, Angela, cardiac & TapTap, western digital, xishan in the top ten famous brand, covering the players in the game entertainment, computer hardware, network, service and so on various aspects of demand, to ensure that the players thereby.

Among them, major game manufacturers introduced information and game trial before, and ignited the 2021 ChinaJoy, a trend art feast integrating art design and vanguard concepts. Western Digital, a well-known network service brand, provides a full range of technical support to help players get smooth and smooth network experience in the game.


Focusing on technological change, leading the new ecology of digital entertainment

Today, as science and technology and culture complement each other, ChinaJoy has become a bellwether for the ecological development of international digital entertainment. Razer also leads the steps of the number one players in the ChinaJoy through massive equipment and fantastic cross-border gifts, and touches different personalized groups through cooperation with multiple brands, jointly performing a new digital entertainment ecology of “science and technology + culture”.


From July 30 to August 2, Razer will be waiting for you at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. If you want to have a full understanding of Razer ChinaJoy, you can get the latest booth dynamics through Razer official Weibo: Razer, wechat official account: Razer Player Club, Razer Razer, B station ID: Razer Player Hall.