Qualcomm snapdragon 888 plus release

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In December 2020, Qualcomm released its flagship processor, snapdragon 888. Samsung, iqoo, vivo and other mobile phone manufacturers have used it in their own flagship models. Now, snapdragon 888 has become one of the standard configurations of flagship mobile phones. Six months later, Qualcomm released its latest processor, the Qualcomm snapdragon 888 plus. It can also be seen from the naming that the Qualcomm snapdragon 888 plus is the upgraded version of the company, known as “the most powerful mobile phone chip in history”.

According to reports, based on Samsung’s 5nm process, Qualcomm snapdragon 888plus still adopts three cluster architectures: cortex X1 super core, cortex A78 super core and cortex A55. The main frequency of super core CPU is increased from 2.84ghz of Qualcomm snapdragon 888 to nearly 3.0GHz. There are three 2.4GHz cortex A78 and four 1.8GHz cortex A55 energy efficiency cores. The GPU is still adreno660, and the performance is expected to be improved by about 5%.

In addition, the AI performance of Qualcomm snapdragon 888plus has been greatly improved. Equipped with the sixth generation of aiengine engine, the AI computing power has reached 32tops, and the AI performance has been improved by more than 20%. It is better than the 26 tops on Qualcomm snapdragon 888 and has better performance in AI photography.