Qualcomm plans to push 4G version of Xiaolong 888 chip

With the continuous popularization of 5g network, many mobile phone manufacturers are now widely launching a large number of 5g mobile phones, and more and more people have begun to enjoy 5g network. However, when the world is gradually moving towards 5g, there are still many places that do not cover 5g network.

Qualcomm snapdragon chip

It is understood that recently, Qualcomm plans to build a 4G version of snapdragon 888 mobile platform. For some countries or regions not covered by 5g network, it may also be for Huawei mobile phones subject to US sanctions. It is reported that Huawei’s P50 series, which is planned to be launched next month, is likely to use this 4G version of snapdragon 888 mobile platform of Qualcomm, which may be called snapdragon 888 LTE only.

In fact, Huawei has launched a number of 4G mobile phones some time ago, including Huawei mate40 pro, mate40e and nova8 pro. Among them, Huawei’s mate40 Pro 4G and mate40e 4G will all be pre installed with the latest harmony OS operating system. Huawei’s 4G models and 5g models released earlier have little difference in performance configuration. Basically, there is only the problem of whether they support 5g network. At the same time, 4G version is 400 yuan cheaper than 5g version of the same model, and Nova 8 Pro 4G version is 300 yuan cheaper than 5g version. In addition, the 4G versions of these models have been pre installed with the latest Hongmeng system, while the 5g version needs to wait for the system to push.