Qualcomm officially releases snapdragon 780g

Qualcomm officially releases snapdragon 780g

Qualcomm today announced the next Xiaolong 7 series processor, named Xiaolong 780g 5g, which is made of Samsung 5nm process, code sm7350-ab. The new chipset will be designed to provide better AI performance, better camera experience and 5g support, as well as some advanced features.


Qualcomm officially releases snapdragon 780g
Based on the eight core architecture, the 780g SOC is the successor of the 768g and will target a low budget 5g smartphone. Winfuture, a German media, believes the new high pass 780g processor will support the upcoming Mi 11 Lite. The phone is expected to be available on March 29 with millet 11 pro and millet 11 Ultra.


High pass snapdragon 780g 5g function characteristics


It home learned that Qualcomm Xiaolong 780g has followed the characteristics of the current flagship product, Xiaolong 888 chipset, and the new 780g also adopts 5nm process. It includes a core of cortex-a78 with a main frequency of 2.4GHz, three core cores of 2.2GHz and four core-a55 with 1.9GHz main frequency. Qualcomm promises to increase CPU by up to 45 percent, mainly by doubling the big core and adopting a new micro architecture. Lpddr4x-2133mhz memory is supported.


The snapdragon 780g is equipped with Adreno 642 GPU, which is 50% higher than the previous generation. Its graphics driver supports OTA update. Good news for game enthusiasts, because the GPU will provide a real 10bit HDR resolution during the game. Support HDR games, Vulkan 1.1, and 144hz refresh rate. The purpose of elite gaming is to help bring all the top AAA games to mobile game players around the world. With the selection features provided by the company 780g, it will help OEMs and consumers to use the next generation of games more widely.



Qualcomm Xiaolong 780g is the first 7 series processor to obtain the spectra 570 image signal processor (ISP). ISPs can support three different cameras at the same time. The obvious choices are wide angle, super wide angle and long focal lens. The chipset can achieve better photo quality under weak light conditions and allow video recording at HDR 10 + and 4K HDR resolutions.


Qualcomm’s 780g uses a snapdragon x53 modem to provide 5g connectivity. The modem sub-6 GHz can be downloaded at 3.3gbps on the network. Like the highest-end snapdragon 888, it also supports Bluetooth 5.2, Wi Fi 6, and Wi Fi 6e, thanks to fastconnect 6900, and the snapdragon 780g supports unparalleled multi Gigabit Wi Fi 6 speeds (up to 3.6 Gbps), VR level low latency and powerful capacity.


With the sixth generation of Qualcomm AI engine, the company combines the high-throughput hexagon 770 processor with kryo 670 CPU and Adreno 642 GPU, providing up to 12 tops of AI performance, twice as much as previous generation products. Now, almost every connection, video call and telephone call are enhanced by AI to realize AI based noise suppression and AI based better voice assistant interaction. The second generation Qualcomm sensing hub further enhances the platform’s capabilities, which integrates a dedicated low-power AI processor for audio processing.