Qualcomm expects 5g mobile phone shipments

Qualcomm expects 5g mobile phone shipments



On the one hand, the deployment of 5g terminal is also introduced by Qualcomm. Overseas, sub-6 technology is deployed in sparsely populated areas, while millimeter wave technology is deployed in urban centers. At present, sub-6 is mainly used in China, which is twice the peak speed of 4G. The 5g mobile platform of Qualcomm supports millimeter wave and sub-6 technology, which basically covers the 5g solutions currently deployed by operators.


In addition to 5g, Qualcomm said that 61% of users thought they would choose a better phone to take photos when choosing a mobile phone. In terms of games, there are 2.7 billion game players in the world, and nearly 1 billion people only use terminals to play games, and the mobile platform of Qualcomm is also developing for better game experience and photo taking.

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The first day of the snapdragon summit did not reveal much specific information about the platform. According to foreign media, the sixth generation AI engine of Qualcomm was integrated into the Qualcomm snapdragon 888, which can realize 2.6 billion operations per second. The graphics processing module of snapdragon 888 also has 35% faster computing speed, which can process 2.7 gigapixel photos per second, which is equivalent to 120 Take 12 megapixel resolution photos per second. For specific information about the platform, please pay attention to the launch of Xiaolong the next day.


The launch of the new flagship mobile platform also opens a new round of competition for Android phones next year. Oppo, vivo, Xiaomi, Nubia, realme, ZTE, sharp, LG, Motorola, black shark, Yijia, Meizu, ASUS, Sony and other brands announced that they will be the first batch of brands equipped with snapdragon 8885g mobile platform.