PS5 controller drifting sued

Presumably, the global console players have a deep memory of the PS5 release last year. The ultra-high performance configuration and unique handle Dual Sense have become the biggest highlights. This handle has excellent vibration feedback, which can simulate shooting, bowing, etc. very close to reality. Feel. But what makes players very sad is that this handle is very likely to have a problem, which is what we commonly call the handle drift phenomenon.

According to external media reports, a player named Lmarc Turner in Virginia and other affected game players in the United States jointly filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. They claim that Dual Sense has major flaws.

However, in order to clarify this problem, the well-known dismantling website iFixit found that the built-in thumb controller may have a problem through dismantling. iFixit recorded the thumb movement of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” players, about 100 omnidirectional movements per minute. Changing to a casual game also has 80 times per minute, and it only takes 25,000 minutes to consume the paper data of the component (2 million times). The converted game hours are about two hours a day, which can play 209 days-that is to say, playing casual games can use up the life of the device in less than one year.

Whether this problem can be solved is currently unknown, but it is good news to be able to find the problem. At present, the National Bank PS5 is expected to be released after April. If such problems still occur, it will definitely affect the enthusiasm of players, as well as the sales of domestic game TVs. For example, Sony’s X9100H, with high refresh rate, low latency and HDMI2.1 interface, is the best companion for PS5.

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