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Sure enough, it is a professional HiFi headset. The earplugs are divided into equalizer plugs and transparent plugs. Users can wear different earplugs for low-frequency and mid-to-high frequency music. Responsible for face value-Xingaluo Shen EM2 ring iron earphones Looking at the main body of the headset, Xingaluo Shen EM2 uses a transparent shell with a metal panel design. I picked the green color, which is clear and transparent. The front of the earphone is made of aluminum alloy, and the metal disc simulates the shape of a CD, which has a good touch. Responsible for face value-Xingaluo Shen EM2 ring iron earphones Xingaluo Shen EM2 adopts a double-unit ring iron design with one ring and one iron. The moving coil unit uses the same core moving coil of the Tongjak series, and is matched with Knowles Lou’s full-frequency RAF-32873 moving iron unit. This combination provides a strong guarantee for the direct push of the Xingaluo Shen EM2 mobile phone. Responsible for face value-Xingaluo Shen EM2 ring iron earphones Responsible for face value-Xingaluo Shen EM2 ring iron earphones Insert two official pictures to explain this high-level one circle one iron. The core moving coil of the Dongjak series uses a polymer composite special diaphragm, an N50 high magnetic circuit system and an acoustic suspension system. Equipped with a brass anti-vibration guard ring and a double-layer tuning cloth system, it has advantages in the frequency response range of 15Hz-40kHz. Responsible for face value-Xingaluo Shen EM2 ring iron earphones The legendary Lou’s moving iron unit has a tuning hole, drawing on the principle of cavity tuning, and has the advantages of low frequency volume and texture, which absorbs the loose nature of the moving coil, while retaining the inherent smooth, beautiful, and solid mid-to-high frequency of the moving iron , High transient.

Xingge EM2 is compatible with conventional 0.78mm double needle wire, which can prevent the needle from being broken.

For the wire material, Xingge EM2 provides a design of interchangeable wires, leaving more playable space for users. According to the legend, playing with the cable is playing with the earphones, and I can only wait and see if I enter the pit.

Xingge EM2 uses four-strand silver-plated mixed braided wire, which is said to improve the permeability, separation and sound field. I will know this later. I like it very much from the appearance, and the details are also in place. The velcro is equipped to prevent the headphone cable from tangling randomly.

Xingge EM2 is designed to be worn around the ear and fits the human auricle. With the ear-wound memory PU elbow, it is firm and feels comfortable and free. Even wearing glasses is completely unaffected. Even the 3.5mm plug is equipped with a plastic sleeve. It can be said that people who make products with heart can always think of everything.

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After iPhone7, after Apple abandoned the 3.5mm headphone jack, I didn’t use the phone to listen to music. After I got the EM2, I found out the antique Sony s764. This s674 has been with me for many years, and I have to use it every once in a while.

The s764 stores old songs, familiar sounds, and the new headphones have a different taste.

Responsible for face value-Xingaluo Shen EM2 ring iron earphones

In terms of parameters, 10Ω impedance and ≥101dB sensitivity make EM2 good enough to push. The s764, which has been weak all the time, can also sound very well. The frequency response range of 15~40,000 Hz can better perform high-resolution, and secondly, it is enough to satisfy the human ear.

In terms of materials, the good sound of headphones is mainly the sound unit, tuning, wire, and cavity, of which the materials accounted for three. Let’s talk about the sound unit and the moving iron part. The Lou’s unit is famous! The AKG k3003 that year made me get to know Knowles, a hearing aid company, but it is true that many high-end headphones use his unit. In addition, the moving coil part is said to be very powerful, you have to listen to it; the wire part, four strands of silver plated, um, an indispensable part of HiFi culture; cavity, EM2 actually does not introduce the cavity, but in short, the resonance is reasonable, not Makes a bad sound, is comfortable to wear, and has a seductive look. It is a good cavity.

In actual use, the EM2 is very comfortable to wear, and the fatigue is much lighter than ordinary headphones. The storage bag is beautiful and easy to use. EM2 is compatible with 0.78 dual-needle wire, which makes it very convenient to upgrade or repair and change wires. You can change Bluetooth or upgrade better wires as you like. Two kinds of earplugs, transparent plug and equalizing plug, provide more possibilities.

From the perspective of hearing, in general, the first ear gave me the impression: the sound field is large, and I had a wait-and-see attitude to his moving coil unit before. Before this, because I personally don’t like the sound of too cold, I usually don’t listen to moving iron headphones. The EM2 ring iron is matched with it, and an equalization plug is added. The low frequency will come out, the sound will be warm, and the moving iron is retained. The transparent and bright high frequency and the “moving time and time” of its dynamic coil, I look back and change to a transparent plug, listening to instrumental music is really fragrant.

The only problem is that the headphone body and cord of this material are easy to become oily during use, and then you will need to take care of them regularly over time, otherwise you will feel very uncomfortable.

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