Productivity tool that can be put in your pocket

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From left to right below the space bar are the left-click button, touch mouse and right-click button.

A productivity tool that can be put in your pocket: One Book One, One Engineer PC_ Sina 众测

The touchpad of a traditional notebook computer is replaced by an infrared touch mouse. The user experience is somewhat similar to a combination of a touchpad and a pointing stick. With screen touch, the interactive experience is not bad.

Black black specks beneath the shaft, One engineer is one of the key Fingerprint Power PC, both functions integrated into a play later, ensure the safe use, authentication has become more simple and efficient.

In addition to the traditionally designed anti-skid pads and heat dissipation holes, the D side of the One Engineer PC is also supported by standard VESA fixing holes. With a VESA bracket, it is suitable for fixing the One Engineer PC in various complex situations. With rotatable wall mount brackets, desktop brackets, lifting frames, trays or movable arms, the One Engineer PC can be transformed into a touch control console that is easy to operate in any scene.

The content of the appearance is shared here. From the number of interfaces, layout, and rear VESA fixing holes of the product, it is not difficult to see the efforts made by the No. 1 engineer in the PC professional direction.

A productivity tool that can be put in your pocket: One Book One, One Engineer PC_ Sina 众测

3. Hardware: mainstream configuration to meet demand

In terms of hardware, this generation of No. 1 engineer PC uses a 14nm++ process, 3.4GHz turbo frequency Intel Core m3-8100Y processor, with 8GB high-speed memory and 256GB PCle solid state drive (except for the 8GB+256GB version of the host, currently There are also 8GB+512GB versions on sale, choose according to your needs).

Intel’s Y series is the true low-power version of the processor, with a TDP power of only 5W. The single-processor test score is 249.9, and the multi-processor test score is 748.3. The overall performance of Intel’s low-voltage processor is quite good.

Master Lu’s overall performance score is in the early 100,000 range. For a portable mini-book, such a score is enough to meet the needs of most scenarios. It’s not a performance book, let’s just understand it briefly.

Fourth, experience: small and portable, can be mastered with one hand

One of the biggest features of the One Engineer PC is its excellent portability. It uses a narrow frame and interface to reset the layout. We only need a slightly larger pocket to easily carry it with us, which is equivalent to two and a half catties. The flagship mobile phone is quite heavy, and it will not bring a burden to carry it with you. This is undoubtedly very attractive for those who need to use the computer anytime and anywhere.

fter the computer is small, what everyone cares about most is whether the interactive experience of the No. 1 engineer’s PC is too bad. Let’s actually experience it. First, let’s look at the screen performance. The 7-inch 1920*1200 resolution and the pixel density reach With 324PPI, it is only 2PPI lower than the traditionally defined retina display. Coupled with IPS and wide color gamut, this screen of the One Engineer PC has shown very high level of text, graphics, and image display .

In terms of interaction, in addition to the keyboard and mouse (similar to a touchpad) that are necessary for traditional notebooks , the No.1 engineer PC also provides touch operations, which can largely compensate for the troublesome problem of infrared induction mouse positioning. When it is impossible to connect a mouse to operate in a limited operating space, the multi-touch built-in of the One Engineer PC can handle drawing zooming, software interface touch debugging, etc. with only two fingers, especially in tablet mode , You can adjust the font and interface size at any time, which is very convenient.

The optional 2048 grade original handwriting stylus experience is also quite good, you can directly take notes, modify design drawings and make annotations on the spot. The handwriting experience is also infinitely close to the real handwriting feeling.

Finally, let’s take a look at the keyboard input experience of the No. 1 Engineer’s PC. This is also one of the important signs that the laptop can truly be called a productivity tool. Without experience, the former host was very skeptical of such a small keyboard. The result was a bit unexpected. No. One key engineers from looking at the PC though a bit cramped, and occasionally there will be false contact situation, but on the practical experience of the landlord, the input speed, though not up to standard keyboard so fast, but can also play at least 70% The level of meeting the basic input problem is not great. Of course, if we need a lot of text input, we can also connect an external keyboard and mouse, which is nothing.

A productivity tool that can be put in your pocket: One Book One, One Engineer PC_ Sina 众测

5. Summary: Although the sparrow is small, it has all five internal organs

In terms of overall experience, the No.1 Engineer PC has a more portable size and weight than traditional notebook computers. Compared with other series of its own, No.1 Engineer PC has added more targeted designs for engineering operation and maintenance. No. One Engineers PC in addition to meet the specialized business user’s needs, the need for frequent travel, but also inseparable from the computer of a friend, the small portable PC, One engineer is also a good choice.


1. The workmanship and materials are carefully used, and the size of the whole machine is small enough to be portable, and it can be carried around with one pocket and one small bag.

2. For professional engineering operation and maintenance requirements, hardware support such as RS-232 serial interface and VESA wall-mounted interface has been added

3. The interactive experience is good. In addition to the keyboard and mouse, there are also multi-touch and 2048-level original handwriting functions.

4. The battery life is relatively good, and it supports multiple charging methods, bid farewell to battery life anxiety

5. The performance is quite satisfactory and can basically meet the needs of most usage scenarios

6. The deformed design can quickly switch between notebook, tablet and other modes


1, compared to primary keys, function keys, number keys keycap relatively small size, bad touch probability will be higher

2. It is estimated that it is due to the consideration of body size and space structure, etc. , without the latest processor

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