Productivity tool that can be put in your pocket: No. 1 Notebook No. 1 Engineer PC

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Speaking of One Book, I believe you should not be too unfamiliar, right? As one of the few brands that are still developing pocketbooks, it has released many well-reputed mini-notebooks in recent years. Recently, the first engineer PC was launched for market segments such as engineering operation and maintenance. Compared with traditional laptops, this professional-oriented pocketbook has a smaller size and lighter weight. It can be carried around as small as a pocket. For engineering operation and maintenance, which is highly dependent on computers, a computer can be “taken out” with you, and you can quickly enter the working state in an emergency.

A productivity tool that can be put in your pocket: One Book One, One Engineer PC_ Sina 众测

As a pocket notebook with strong professional orientation, in addition to regular hardware upgrades (the standard version uses Intel Core m3-8100Y), the One Engineer PC has also added a three-dimensional rotating screen, native RS-232 standard communication serial interface, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port, VESA wall mount interface and fingerprint recognition are designed to fit the actual needs of project operation and maintenance. Let’s share with you this powerful Onebook Engineer PC.

A productivity tool that can be put in your pocket: One Book One, One Engineer PC_ Sina 众测

1. Unpacking: exquisite packaging, high identification

One engineer’s PC packaging has taken the refined route as always, with diamond-shaped lattice finishes and pure black color, which is very high-end. On the front of the package, you can see the bronzing No.1 brand logo.

The nameplate in the upper right corner: Engineer One PC. Mini notebooks for subdivision fields, of course, are no problem at all as ordinary applications.

What you open to see is the protagonist of this experience: One Engineer PC.

Family portrait, in addition to the host, there is also a charger, Type-C data cable and product manual.

A fast power adapter with a maximum of 45W supports multiple protocols such as PD, QC, PPS, and has strong versatility, which means that even if you bring a lot of digital products, you only need this power adapter to be fully compatible, which is more convenient.

The shell adopts a bright surface design, which has a relatively high appearance, but there are also problems such as easy contamination of fingerprints and scratches.

2. Appearance: exquisite workmanship, rich interfaces

One Engineer PC adopts a completely different design with rounded corners from the other series of One Notebook. The shell is made of 6000 series aerospace aluminum material, plus up to 27 CNC integrated engraving processes, which bring a comfortable feel while also Brings a more robust and durable sensory effect that shows more quality and beauty. The compact body of the whole machine is 173*136*19mm and the weight is only about 0.55Kg, which brings extreme portability.

The minimalist frosted side A has no decoration.

A productivity tool that can be put in your pocket: One Book One, One Engineer PC_ Sina 众测

The status indicator in the upper right corner.

The hinge also uses a new three-section three-zone rotating shaft design, which supports hovering at any position, and the damping torque control is better. In the final fully rotated and flipped tablet mode, a hand-held area is reserved on the left, which is very comfortable to hold and has a reasonable design.

The B side still uses a 7-inch FHD full-fit IPS, a narrow frame design, a screen resolution of 1920*1200, and the actual display colors are vivid and clear. As for the high resolution of such a small screen that everyone is concerned about, will the font be too small to be unclear, the zoom and layout in the display options-change the size of the text, application and other items to choose 200%, the font size is basically the same as that of the mobile phone As you can see above, there is no need to worry about fonts and blurring of image edges on high-resolution screens.

Not to mention standard laptops at present, even most of the desktop motherboards and graphics cards with surplus space have already cancelled the RS-232 serial port. However, in professional fields such as engineering operation and maintenance, RS-232 is still one of the essential interfaces. Take a look at the interface situation of the No. 1 engineer’s PC. The main interfaces of the No. 1 engineer’s PC are located at the back of the host, from left to right: native RS-232 serial port, Micro HDMI, USB3.0 interface X2, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port.

On the left side of the fuselage are lanyard holes, full-function Type-C interface and TF card slot. What’s more interesting is that this full-featured Type-C interface of the One Engineer PC supports 5V, 9V, 12V adaptive input in addition to the standard 45W fast charging source adapter. If you forget to bring the original power adapter, you can choose 5V , 9V mobile power supply (need to support PD protocol) to charge No. 1 engineer’s PC, is it a very worry-free design?

A standard 3.5mm audio interface is provided on the right. From the interface layout and the number of engineers, One PC is also not difficult to see professional products has far exceed most notebooks scenario has been further extended, praise.

The C side of One Engineer’s PC has also been re-arranged, integrating QWERTY standard keyboard (with red backlight), infrared touch mouse and left and right mouse buttons. The keyboard key pitch is 15mm and the keystroke is 1.5mm. Of course, the size of the keys is much smaller than that of conventional keyboards, and accidental touches are inevitable. However, as far as the actual experience of the host is concerned, the input experience is acceptable, and the input speed is also faster than the commonly used mechanical keyboard It is so slow that non-literature workers should be able to accept it.