Play screen, play cost performance? The RealMe GT Master Quest edition is a blast

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

What will be the most perceptible configuration for smartphones in 2021? Some people say processor, as long as the processor is strong enough, other configurations are also embellishment; Some people say that the screen, the mobile phone is not for playing, the first sight is the screen; Some people say that taking photos is a big picture when you go out, which is not more convenient than carrying a camera? Of course, some say motor, metal frame…

So, the question is, isn’t the RealMe GT Master Exploration version, which was just released in the last few days, a complete scourge?


I finish abuse you do not believe?? That, might as well take out a few more popular models and GT Master exploration version of a comparison, is a mule is a horse, pull out to walk.

The same configuration – Snapdragon 870 processing

Comparison models: RealMe GT Master Exploration Edition, Xiaomi 10S, iQOO Neo5

GT Master Explore edition advantages

First, flash UFS 3.1

The difference between UFS3.0 and UFS3.1 has been explained by President Roh long time ago. In short, UFS3.1 adds 3 features:

Write Turbo, DEEP Sleep, and Host Performance Booster (HPB). Generally speaking, the comprehensive performance of UFS 3.1 is about 15% higher than that of UFS 3.0. The addition of HPB can effectively alleviate the problem of long time lag of mobile phones to a certain extent.

As a result, the UFS3.0 xiaomi 10s already lags behind the other two in terms of basic performance.

Second, it’s probably the best flexible screen ever

Samsung AMOLED Micro curved screen, 56° golden curvature, this micro surface to ensure the extreme hand feel without mistouch

Support 120Hz refresh rate and up to 480Hz touch report point rate + three gear adaptive variable speed high brush (60, 90, 120Hz adaptive switch)

COP package +10240 dimming + HDR10+ authentication

Supports DC dimming with a peak brightness of 1100nits.

A good screen can be called a good mobile phone, the display effect is exquisite, play the game operation more feel, 1100NITS peak brightness to ensure that even in the summer noon sun can be clearly displayed, ten thousand level dimming needless to say, there is no harm to the human eye. This screen is pretty much done with the Xiaomi 10S and iQOO Neo5.

Third, more powerful imaging capabilities

The IMX766 is a 4-in-1 2μm megapixel with a 1/1.56 inch outbottom. The OIS+ EIS dual anti – shock and supports full pixel omnidirectional focus.

But friend business so far does not have a decent custom sensor, although Xiaomi 10S is using Samsung HMX, but even the parameters can not surpass SONY IXM766 supported RealMe GT Master exploration version.

What’s more, realme GT master exploration also features the first professional street photography mode created by realme and the exclusive “street photography filter” created in conjunction with NOMO CAM.

Fourth, realMe is the most beautiful flagship

Appearance level is not high with everyone’s aesthetic standard is concerned, but, what is master design popular cover shell design, what is the outstanding design that comes from the life to return to the life again, this point, still can divide clear.

The industry’s first three-dimensional 3D plain skin technology, integration of the same color star lens, from the life of the suitcase design elements, from the natural snow mountain color matching.


Fifth, other — perception is strong

Aluminum alloy frame, 183.5g+8mm ultra-thin body, 65W wired fast charging, of course, there are indispensable stereo double speakers + linear motor +NFC

IQOO Neo5 and Millet 10S advantages

The former wins in flash UFS3.1, 120Hz refresh rate and 66W fast charge; The latter, by contrast, seems to have only a metal in the frame?

Compare prices at the end

Master quest: 8+ 128,2799; 12 + 256309 9

Xiaomi 10s: 12+ 256,3499

IQOO neo5:12 + 256,2999

In addition, 24 instalments interest-free, the average daily 3.8 yuan, rounded equal to white whao, ha ha ha. For a lower price but with a better screen, a better shot, a slimmer body and a better look, the realMe GT Master Explorer looks like a winner for consumers.

So, whether playing the screen, or play cost performance, RealMe GT Master exploration edition can be said to be the ceiling of the same stall finish abusing opponents, do you say?