Pentax K-3 III is more compatible with old lenses

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With Ricoh’s continuous release of information about the K-3 III fuselage, more performance features of this machine have been exposed. This time, we will show its function to recognize and record the aperture of old lens

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“When you install and use the old lens and turn on the power switch, the K-3 Mark III will display the focus selection menu. There are two reasons to do this: save the selected focal length on the EXIF data of the finished photo, and use the camera’s advanced SR anti shake system. In the past, only the preset focal length in the fuselage can be selected, while the K-3 Mark III not only allows the user to set the required focal length, but also allows the user to select the previously set focal length from the history. In addition, once you have set the focus, the camera will move it to the next shot without having to reset the focus. It even allows you to use the electronic dial to select different aperture values and save them on the photo as EXIF data.


When using some M-series or A-Series old lenses with aperture ring, the previous cameras need to press the green button in the manual exposure mode to set and turn off the automatic exposure. The K-3 Mark III can automatically perform and turn off light metering when the shutter is released. It can also provide automatic exposure settings in AV and TAV modes, and the photographer can use the lens aperture ring to set the required aperture for shooting. In real-time viewfinder, it can also measure the aperture value set on the aperture ring.