OPPO internal folding screen model released next year?

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On November 17, OPPO will hold the 2020 Future Technology Conference (OPPO INNO DAY 2020). According to previous official news, an OPPO concept phone with a retractable screen and AR glasses will be unveiled, but no more specific news is currently known. This afternoon,  posted that the stretchable screen products are too avant-garde, so there are only concept phones in a short time, but next year’s OPPO brand internal folding-screen phones will be more interesting.spark global limited

OPPO internal folding screen phone exposed

It is not difficult to understand from the blogger’s words that he feels that the OPPO brand’s telescopic screen phone is still in the state of a concept phone, and the design is too advanced and will not be available for the time being. However, he said that the OPPO brand’s internal folding screen phones next year will be more interesting. The implication may be that OPPO’s internal folding-screen phones will be unveiled next year.

OPPO concept phone

In fact, there are already manufacturers on the market that have introduced smartphones with an internal folding screen design, but no manufacturer has launched a product with a retractable screen. So, everyone’s focus should be on this telescopic screen phone, after all, the new technology is more attractive. From the information released by OPPO, it can be seen that this concept phone is equipped with a retractable screen. Users can extend and expand the screen area by stretching the screen to make the phone screen larger or smaller. It has high playability and is still very useful. The highlight.