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Specific to the application level, OPPO CybeReal can achieve a more intuitive navigation experience than mobile phone navigation in the future, and can even achieve precise navigation in indoor scenes such as parking lots and shopping malls. In addition, the technical blessing based on full-time high-precision positioning and AI vision also enables OPPO CybeReal to have functions such as virtual parks, merchandise display, and store visual marketing.

Next, we return to the topic of mobile phones, bringing OPPO’s latest achievement in exploring the form of mobile phones-OPPO X 2021.

OPPO X 2021OPPO X 2021
OPPO X 2021 brings an innovative scroll screen design, using flexible OLED material, the screen can be steplessly adjusted between a minimum of 6.7 inches and a maximum of 7.4 inches. While meeting the needs of screen expansion, it brings something different from folding screens. “No crease” effect.

In order to expand and retract the screen in a smoother way, OPPO specifically designed the “Roll Motor” power solution: the two built-in drive motors output a constant force, which is directly used to expand and retract the screen to make The screen is evenly stressed during the movement, and can effectively prevent the screen from being damaged when it is suddenly stressed.

The screen can be steplessly adjusted between the minimum 6.7 inches and the maximum 7.4 inchesThe screen can be steplessly adjusted between the minimum 6.7 inches and the maximum 7.4 inches
OPPO X 2021 also uses a new screen dynamic area framework stacking technology, which not only enhances the strength of the screen, but also does not increase the bending resilience of the screen. The thinnest stack is only 0.1mm. On the movable side of the fuselage structure, a pulley bearing with a diameter of about 6.8mm is built in, and the screen will always move along the central axis. 6.8mm is closer to the bending diameter of the OLED flexible screen after being stressed, which can ensure that the flexible screen hardly produces creases after bending, and the pulley can ensure the smoothness of the screen during the bending process.

In addition to ensuring smooth deployment and fold-out, the smoothness of the screen is also the key to determining the quality of the experience. To this end, OPPO designed a dual matrix embedded clutch structure, that is, two pallets with a structure similar to a comb are designed inside the fuselage: when the screen is closed, the two pallets can be seamlessly spliced ​​into the same plane; When unfolding, one of the pallets slides out synchronously, and the left and right pallets support the unfolded screen together to keep the screen smooth.

In order to protect the screen, OPPO X 2021 is also equipped with a “dynamic frame.” When the screen size changes, the sliding frame and back glass battery cover will move with the screen.

Three concept products released in 2020Concept products released at OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020

At the end of the conference, Liu Chang said that the three concept products released at the OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020 may meet with consumers in the future.

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