Oppo A35 launched

Oppo A35 launched

On April 13, oppo A35 was officially launched. As another new product of oppo a series, this new product has the characteristics of large memory and thin body, and is equipped with 4230mah high-capacity battery and AI super clear three camera.

Oppo A35 launched

In terms of appearance, oppo A35 adopts a unique 3D curved fuselage, with a thickness of 7.9MM and a weight of 177g. In terms of color matching, oppo A35 not only has two color matching methods of glass black and ice jade white, but also brings a new color matching method of fog sea blue.


In terms of performance, oppo A35 is equipped with Helio p35, an eight core chip with a dominant frequency of up to 2.3ghz, and 128GB of storage. With the support of coloros 7.2 intelligent system and memory anti fragmentation technology, the overall performance of oppo A35 is improved.


In addition, oppo A35 is also equipped with a 6.52 inch high-definition large screen, with AI intelligent dimming function, which can watch the mobile phone screen with appropriate brightness in various environments. In addition, this screen also has eye protection mode, which can effectively filter blue light, so as to reduce the damage to eyes caused by long-term use of mobile phone.


In terms of imaging system, oppo A35 uses 13 million ultra clear main camera, with 2 million virtual human lens and macro lens. In addition, oppo A35 also has dazzling color mode and pixel level color mapping algorithm to reconstruct the image color, which can make the photo color more bright and natural.


In addition, oppo A35 has a super power saving mode, which can not only meet the urgent needs of users when the power is extremely low, but also customize the app used in this mode. Even when the power is nearly exhausted, oppo A35 can also be used in emergency, which is quite convenient and practical.

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