Operators disclose Samsung S21 series price ahead of time

S21 series price ahead of time

As the official release of the Samsung S21 series is approaching, not only the super-large version of the S21 Ultra has confirmed that it will support 2K and 120Hz dual-opening, but also the Belgian operator VOO also leaked the prices of the three models in advance, which are 849 Euros. 1,049 euros and 1,399 euros, compared with the previous generation of products in the cup and large cup prices are slightly lower, but the price of the super large cup has increased by 50 euros. As for the version of the Bank of China that everyone is concerned about, it is rumored that it may start at 5,099 yuan, but there may not be a random gift of headphones. It is expected to go on sale as soon as around January 28.

S21 series price ahead of time
The operator leaked the price in advance

According to the latest report from the German website Winfuture, the Belgian operator VOO has leaked the official price of the Samsung S21 in advance. Among them, Samsung S21 and S21+ are priced at 849 Euros and 1,049 Euros respectively with 128GB storage capacity as standard. In contrast, last year’s Samsung S20 and S20+ were priced at 999 Euros and 1,099 Euros, respectively, which means that Samsung S21 has a drop of up to 150 US dollars compared with the past, while Samsung S21+ lowered the price by 50 Euros.

However, the ultra-large version of the Samsung S21 Ultra with a standard 256GB storage capacity, the price of up to 1,399 euros is a $50 increase compared to last year’s S20 Ultra. However, considering that the S20 Ultra, which was priced at 1349 euros at the time, was equipped with a 128GB storage capacity as standard, the S21 Ultra still has a high appeal despite the substantial upgrade of the processor, display and camera functions.

Battery life has improved

At the same time, the Belgian operator also shared some of the specifications and configurations of the Samsung S21 series, which are completely consistent with the information exclusively exposed by the German website Winfuture in the past. Including Samsung S21 and S21+ will be equipped with 6.2-inch and 6.7-inch straight screens, supporting FHD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, equipped with 64MP+12MP+12MP rear triple camera, while Samsung S21 Ultra will have a 6.8-inch micro-curved screen and adopt With LTPO backplane technology, it supports simultaneous activation of 2K and 120Hz. The camera is a combination of 108MP+12MP+10MP+10MP rear four cameras, with dual outsole telephoto and a periscope lens that supports 10x optical zoom.

The Samsung S21 series will be pre-installed with the One UI3.1 system, and the super-large S21 Ultra will also support the S Pen stylus function for the first time. In terms of storage combination, Samsung S21 and S21+ both have 8GB memory capacity and provide 128GB and 256GB capacity versions, while Samsung S21 Ultra has 12GB and 16GB memory versions with storage capacities of 256GB and 512GB. Both S21 and S21+ do not support memory card expansion. It is worth noting that the Samsung S21 series has slightly improved battery life than the previous generation. Among them, the battery life of the Samsung S21 equipped with Snapdragon 888 is 15% higher than that of the Samsung S20 equipped with Snapdragon 865, while the battery life of the Samsung S20 equipped with Orion 2100 processor will increase by 25-35. %.

Bank of China or the sale from 5099 yuan
Bank of China or the sale from 5099 yuan

As for the national version of the Samsung S21 series that everyone is concerned about, there are reports from sellers that it may be sold at 4,999 yuan or 5,099 yuan, and headphones may not be given randomly, but at the same time they claim to be uncertain about the authenticity of the news. Despite this, insiders said that the Samsung S21 standard version is still inclined to be in the early five thousand and gives away headphones. If the price is 4999 yuan, it may not be able to complete the task. From this point of view, combined with the decline of up to 150 euros for the overseas version, the Samsung S21 Standard Edition National Bank may be more likely to be sold at 5099 yuan.

As for the price of the Samsung S21+ and S21 Ultra national version, it is expected that the former may be sold at 6099 yuan, but the super-large S21 Ultra may be much more expensive. According to insiders, the price of the forerunner version may be around 9,000+, which means that the machine will be more likely to be sold starting at 8,999 yuan. As for the release time of the Bank of China version, it is rumored that a press conference will be held on January 21, and then the first sale will begin on January 28, but the authenticity has not been confirmed.