Operation error of the bought Sony headset: 4 fingers were blown up

4 fingers were blown up

Ms. Liu bought a pair of WI-1000XM2 Sony headphones for 2,300 yuan. When charging, she mistakenly used the aircraft adapter in the box as a charging plug, causing the headphones to explode and catch fire and burn her son’s right hand.

4 fingers were blown up

For the above operation, the merchant believes that this is caused by the improper operation of the consumer and is unwilling to take responsibility.

It is reported that on the afternoon of February 17, Ms. Liu bought a pair of Sony headphones with model WI-1000XM2 at Meicheng Store, Han Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan, and paid 2,300 yuan. When returning home that night, Ms. Liu’s son used the plug in the headset box to charge the headset. Unexpectedly, there was an explosion. After 5 consecutive explosions, the headset caught fire again.

Ms. Liu quickly cut off the power and put out the fire, but the four fingers of Ms. Liu’s son’s right hand were burned, and the headset was also burned out.

After the accident, Ms. Liu contacted the Meicheng store and found out that the plug in the Sony headset box was not the charging plug of the headset, but the headset plug adapter used on the aircraft (also known as the aircraft adapter or the flying plug) .

Meichengdian believes that the accident was improper operation by consumers, and the entire responsibility rests with consumers and has nothing to do with them, because the aircraft adapter has a reminder of “please do not plug into the power socket”.

In fact, similar things have happened before, and many consumers have posted similar incidents in the SONY bar. Like Ms. Liu, they used the airplane adapter to charge the Sony headset by mistake, causing the headset to burn out.