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Google is testing browser dark mode to present search results

Double-click the voice/translation button to switch to the translation mode. The spoken word is Chinese and the typed word is English. In terms of input rhythm, it is impossible to do Chinese input. Continuous input of sentences can only be translated one entire paragraph at a time. It should be because the translation takes time. As for the accuracy of the translation, it is the same as on the mobile phone. Daily chat is no problem. If it falls into the written text, you may need to modify it. (Support 200 languages ​​including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian etc.)

Another function is Quickbar. After selecting the text, click the voice/translation button on the left to call out the shortcut toolbar, such as translation, Baidu search, Taobao search, etc. In fact, similar functional browser plug-ins can also be implemented, but the advantage of EverMOUSE is that it does not pick software and can also use this function outside the browser. And this Quickbar is a special feature of Evernote, and it has the exclusive functions of saving to Evernote, creating list/desktop notes, and so on.

Voice assistant on the computer voice assistant on the computer
The impression function key on the right has a lot of functions. The most basic is to clip. Anyone who has used Evernote knows that this is a very powerful excerpting tool that can collect all kinds of content seen on the website. Optimized the typesetting, and the original text will not disappear even if it is deleted (a must for the contemporary Internet and everyone understands it).

Before you could quickly collect content through the browser plug-in, now you can directly press the impression function key.

Another function of this key is voice control. In addition to recognizing Evernote’s own instructions for creating new notes and creating notes, it can also open other applications on the computer, such as opening Photoshop and opening Word.

New not new note

In fact, it already has functions similar to a mobile phone voice assistant, supporting checking the weather, watching videos, listening to songs, etc. The implementation method is to search through the browser. The power is that you do not need to perform additional operations, you can go directly to the website and the results. To say that the disadvantage may be limited by the web page, and some functions require App or software to be realized. Of course, this is an Internet weirdness, not a problem with its products.

Taobao shoppingTaobao shopping

To sum up, EverMOUSE is really no problem in terms of functionality. Some voice functions make up for the lack of computer operations, as long as you can accept talking to the mouse (in fact, it is no problem to use it at home). Compared with the voice assistant that comes with the computer system, it has more detailed functions. For those who are already deep users of Evernote, the advantages of EverMOUSE are even more obvious.

However, it must be pointed out that the EverMOUSE mouse itself is still suitable for light office work, and it is not good for playing games. The special function keys on the left and right sides and the design of the left and right keys can be more reasonable to avoid misoperation. The first product can be understood as a certain degree of tentativeness. I hope that the hardware and design can be further improved next time.

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