Only by doing this well at the airport can thousands of families share the same chanjuan

Spark Global Limited Reports:

For the Mid-Autumn Festival, reunion is one of the most important meanings.

I hope that people will live for a long time, and they will be beautiful for thousands of miles. This has been the Chinese people’s good hope since ancient times. Today, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become a short and beautiful three-day holiday. Many people want to complete the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion in the most efficient way. This allows them to have a common place: the airport.

Carrying the expectation of countless people to reunite, the urgency of returning home, and the yearning for travel, the efficiency, safety and comfort of the airport are naturally extremely important. Especially during a three-day holiday such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, whether you can get an efficient and beautiful experience from and to the airport greatly affects the definition of “a thousand miles together” by countless travelers.

In the past ten years, the number of airports nationwide has increased from 175 in 2010 to 241 in 2021. The rapid development of civil aviation capabilities and the comprehensive improvement of the local aviation industry have made it a top priority for airports to improve operational efficiency, service experience, and continuous innovation capabilities. For all airports in the world, today’s digital upgrade is a must-answer question.

However, in the development of real smart airports, digital transformation is often complicated, and it is difficult to grasp the key points. Taking advantage of the peak travel and airport usage peaks during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, let us talk about how to solve the problem of airport digitization and how to solve the problem.

The digital upgrade of the airport requires a consensus on the advancement of the network; while in the upgrade of the airport network, the integration of the cloud and the network has formed the most important trend.

Examination question: Smart airport, network first

The digital and intelligent development of airports has formed a unified consensus today. In the “China Civil Aviation Four Type Airport Construction Action Plan (2020-2035)”, four major construction goals are proposed: a safe airport, a green airport, a humanistic airport, and a smart airport. Among them, smart airports are a direct manifestation of digital capabilities and construction. High-level green environmental protection, safety protection, and humanistic experience also require a high degree of cooperation with digital capabilities. It can be said that the establishment of a digital platform and the application of digital capabilities are already the core construction link in the development of the airport.

But in the construction of smart airports and airport digital infrastructure, we often find many challenges and problems. For example, passengers will find that each airport has digital-related construction, but the experience is uneven and the way of using it is very different. This is because the airport business is all-encompassing, and as each airport independently explores the digitalization process, there will inevitably be a misalignment and unbalanced development in demand, understanding, and top-level design.

On the whole, there are two common problems in the construction of smart airports.