One of the two? Learn about X-tra camera batteries that can be used as power banks

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  This article comes from Pacific Computer Network

  Recently, a battery called X-tra is being crowdfunded. According to the official description, this battery has twice the capacity of LP-E6. The size of the battery is similar. The battery also has a charging port and supports side shooting. Side charging can even reversely charge mobile devices such as mobile phones and use it as a power bank. The official crowdfunding price is US$99, which is approximately 650 yuan.

  For photographers, especially those who use mirrorless cameras, the battery is generally smaller and consumes more power. Usually, it is inconvenient to carry a few more batteries for outdoor shooting. The X-tra battery reduces the hassle by increasing the capacity of 3700 mAh, including a built-in charge level indicator, reducing the time required to replace the battery, allowing the X-tra battery to be quickly charged via USB-C, and pressing the button on the bottom of the battery , There are four illuminated displays to observe the battery power, so it seems that this is a combination of a camera battery and a power bank. At present, the X-tra battery models support most models of Canon, Nikon, and Sony. The crowdfunding price of this battery is 99 US dollars, which is about 650 yuan. Photographers who want a large-capacity battery can consider starting!