One of Intel’s major platforms declared a complete failure

other next-generation platforms.

More than a decade ago, Intel relied on the early Menlow and Moorestown platforms to place high hopes on mid as a “mobile Internet device” in the future. However, it was disappointed because the project failed completely.
If according to the current situation, the mid concept is finally split and evolved into smart phones and tablets. By 2021, Intel mid support will be poached from the Linux kernel.

One of Intel's major platforms declared a complete failure
Last month, we learned that Linux is going to remove the support of Moorestown and medfield processors. The code is no longer maintained. In fact, no users are still running the hardware of about 10 years ago with the new Linux distribution. At first, kernel developers just cleaned up some code in the early spring, but now it has evolved to clear more Intel “mid” platform support.
The announcement pointed out that the old Intel mid power button and thermal driver should be discarded, the unnecessary code should be stripped from the gma500 Poulsbo driver, the GPIO code should be discarded, an RTC driver should be deleted, and other codes supported by Intel mid should be cleaned up.

other next-generation platforms.
It is reported that Intel’s open source engineers are still very busy providing support for the follow-up microarchitecture sapphire rapids for Linux kernel, and the possibility of continuing to develop tablet business on alder lake, gen12.5 graphics system and other next-generation platforms.