One article takes you to understand Xiaolong 870

One article takes you to understand Xiaolong 870

Although I was a little nervous about being caused by the epidemic before this year, I still can’t resist the mood of thinking about the new year. The most important thing is to prepare the new year’s goods, put on a new suit, and greet a good sign of “New Year and New Year.”

One article takes you to understand Xiaolong 870
Many small partners regard “changing mobile phones” as a key part of “preparing goods for the New Year”. They were originally motivated to find out the models that are worth starting with, but after seeing Qualcomm’s newly released Snapdragon 870 SoC , Old Q wants to say, don’t change, wait for the party!

Regarding the SoC of the Snapdragon 870, Qualcomm defines it like this. As an upgraded product of the Snapdragon 865 Plus mobile platform, the Snapdragon 870 uses an enhanced Qualcomm Kryo 585 CPU with a super core frequency of up to 3.2GHz and strong performance!

It is worth noting that Qualcomm did not name the performance improvement of the Snapdragon 870 compared to the Snapdragon 865 Plus, only the CPU changes. How about the Snapdragon 870? Let’s take a look at Qualcomm’s official detailed introduction——

·Process: 7nm

·CPU architecture: 1 large core + 3 medium core + 4 small cores, the same architecture as the previous Snapdragon 865 Plus, but the main frequency of the large core has been increased to the terrible 3.2GHz, and the main frequency of the medium and small cores has not changed, still 2.42 GHz and 1.8GHz.

GPU: Adreno 650, the same as Snapdragon 865 Plus

Adreno 650, the same as Snapdragon 865 Plus

·5G baseband: X55, the same as Snapdragon 865 Plus

·ISP: Spectra 480, the same as Snapdragon 865 Plus

·WiFi: FastConnect 6800 (downgrade), Snapdragon 865 Plus uses faster FastConnect 6900, if there is no top-notch routing, WiFi speed increase perception is not strong, don’t worry

From the above point of view, the Snapdragon 870 can be called the “Snapdragon 865 Plus” Plus version, because it is indeed only upgraded with a large core.

However, it should be noted that the positioning of the Snapdragon 870 is different from that of the Snapdragon 865 Plus. Qualcomm positions it as a sub-flagship SoC, because there is only one flagship SoC this year, which is the Snapdragon 888. Even so, it should be a good show for the sub-flagship SoC Snapdragon 870 to beat the old flagship SoC Snapdragon 865.

After all, the Redmi K40 has already pushed the price of the Snapdragon 888 flagship at 2,999 yuan. Even if the Snapdragon 870 is higher, it will not grab the job of the Snapdragon 888. Therefore, Old Q guessed that the Snapdragon 870 model will likely compete fiercely in the 2500~3000 yuan gear. This is also the main reason why the old Q asked the friends who plan to change the phone to wait in the title.

In addition, the more eye-catching is that Motorola, or Lenovo, even got the world premiere of the Snapdragon 870 model, and it is also the edge series of Guibaba. It is foreseeable that when Samsung has put down its figure and joined the “True Fragrance” sequence, if Lenovo & Motorola’s pricing is so irrational, the coldness of the market will definitely teach them to be human… Oh! Do not! It’s a mobile phone!

In addition, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, and iQOO have all stated that they will launch the Snapdragon 870 model, which will be launched in the first quarter of 2021. Do you have anything to say about the Snapdragon 870 model?