Official publicity of new trend products of realme and famous animators jointly create 12.15 show

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The mobile phone brand realme, which has just been established for more than two years, has recently performed very well. With its excellent appearance design, balanced performance and competitive price, realme mobile phone has made great achievements in the previous double 11 activities, and has become the mobile phone brand with 50 million users in the world. “Surpassing products” and “daring to surpass the level” are the brand attitudes of realme. It is committed to becoming the first choice for young people to play smart life. Before that, it has launched several popular co branded mobile phones.

Official promotion of new trend products of realme


On December 10, realme mobile officially announced that it would cooperate with mark a, a world-renowned animator and creative consultant of design studio. Walsh jointly launched a new trend. This new product will “surprise show” on December 15. According to the official scripts and posters, this new product should be related to watching movies, probably 3D glasses and other related products.


Official promotion of new trend products of realme


MARK A。 Wallsh may not be very familiar to us, but in fact, his resume is very rich. He is the animation director of Pixar’s “finding Nemesis” and the role developer of monster company and Toy Story 2. He has been the director and screenwriter of Toy Story: Party dinosaur, the animation director of food rat king, and the animator of Superman. He has rich experience in animation design and imaginative imagination.


Mark a. Together with realme, Walsh can bring us amazing works. We’ll wait and see.