NVIDIA releases next-generation GPU

NVIDIA releases next-generation GPU

Adopts NVIDIA Ampere architecture to bring up to 10 times the ray tracing performance of GTX 1060; starting at RMB 2499

Santa Clara, California, January 12, 2021—Today, NVIDIA announced the new GeForce RTX 3060 GPU with the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, which will bring game performance improvements to millions of PC players.

With an efficient, high-performance architecture and second-generation NVIDIA RTX GPU, RTX 3060 brings hardware ray tracing performance, and supports NVIDIA DLSS and other technologies. The price starts at RMB 2,499.

NVIDIA releases next-generation GPU
NVIDIA 60-level GPUs have always been the most popular GPUs for Steam players. Since its launch in 2016, GTX 1060 has long been ranked first in the game GPU rankings. It is estimated that 90% of GeForce players are currently using GTX GPUs.

Matt Wuebbling, vice president of global marketing for NVIDIA GeForce, said, “Ray tracing is unstoppable and has rapidly redefined the new standard for gaming. The NVIDIA Ampere architecture has always been NVIDIA’s best-selling product in history. The RTX 3060 has enabled millions of gamers everywhere to enjoy RTX. The 30 series is good.”

The new game brings movie-quality graphics and real-time ray tracing, and these game workloads can only be handled by the RTX platform. GeForce RTX 3060 brings 2 times the rasterization performance of GTX 1060 and 10 times the ray tracing performance of GTX 1060. It is a rare upgrade opportunity for players, making it the basis of a powerful gaming PC platform, enough to run smoothly Top game: With the blessing of RTXON, the frame rate of “Cyberpunk 2077” and “Fortnite” (Fortnite) can reach 60FPS.

The main specifications of RTX 3060 include:

● 13 shader TFLOPs

● 25 ray tracing RT-TFLOPs

● 101 Tensor-TFLOPs drive NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling)

● 192-bit video memory interface

● 12GB GDDR6 video memory

Starting from RTX 3060, GeForce RTX 30 series will support Resizable BAR. When using a compatible motherboard, this advanced PCI Express technology allows the CPU to access all GPU memory at one time, bringing performance improvements to many games. Like all RTX 30 series GPUs, RTX 3060 supports three GeForce gaming technology innovations, including performance acceleration and image quality enhancement technologies such as NVIDIADLSS, NVIDIA Reflex and NVIDIA Broadcast. These three technologies, together with real-time ray tracing, form the basis of the GeForce gaming platform, bringing unparalleled performance and functionality to games and gamers around the world.

NVIDIA DLSS: The most popular AI technology

From in-game physics and animation simulation to real-time rendering and AI-enhanced live broadcast functions, AI is triggering a game revolution. With the help of GeForce RTX GPU’s dedicated AI processor Tensor Cores, NVIDIA DLSS generates exquisite and clear game images while increasing the frame rate, providing players with greater performance space to maximize ray tracing settings and improve output resolution rate. More than 25 games now support DLSS, and the number is increasing month by month.

NVIDIA Reflex and Broadcast: The ultimate gaming experience

NVIDIA Reflex technology can reduce system latency (or input latency), make the game more responsive, and give players an advantage in multiplayer competitive games. NVIDIA Broadcast is an audio and video AI enhancement kit. With virtual background, motion capture and advanced noise reduction, users can apply it to voice chat, Skype calls, and video conferences.

GeForce Experience features

All NVIDIA GeForce GPUs can benefit from GeForce Experience, and tens of millions of players are using the tool to optimize game settings, record and upload games, broadcast games, take screenshots, and download and install Game Ready drivers. The latest features include:

● One-click automatic GPU tuning: GeForce Experience now supports GPU tuning. It can use advanced scanning algorithms to automatically create GPU overclocking profiles.

● Enhanced in-game monitoring floating window: GeForce Experience’s powerful in-game floating window function now allows players to view more detailed performance statistics, temperature and latency indicators, including NVIDIA Reflex’s latency analyzer statistics.

Ways to buy:

Starting in late February, players can purchase GeForce RTX 3060 standard frequency version and overclocked version of AIC GPUs from top global graphics card suppliers such as Asus, Colorful, Gengsheng, GALAXY, Gigabyte, Inzhong, MAXSUN, MSI, and Zotac. The price is Starting from RMB 2499. You can also buy GeForce RTX 3060 GPUs from major retailers and major manufacturers around the world.

Players can download news materials such as product pictures, specifications, chips and chip pictures from the official NVIDIA website.