Nintendo’s new Switch exposed

Nintendo's new Switch exposed

Nintendo is secretly testing the new Switch, and it is not clear when it will launch.

The report mentioned that the new Switch will use Samsung’s OLED screen, and Nintendo is currently testing, and the new screen is larger than the previous generation, and the resolution is also improved.

Nintendo's new Switch exposed

Previous news shows that Switch Pro will support NVIDIA’s DLSS deep learning supersampling technology.

The purpose of DLSS is to increase the number of frames while not sacrificing the resolution and picture quality details too much. The news broke that Switch Pro can output 4K through the Dock, so the existence of DLSS is necessary. Simply put, DLSS uses a deep neural network to extract the multi-dimensional features of the rendered scene, and intelligently combines the details in multiple frames to construct a high-quality final image. In the end, a clear and crisp image is obtained, the image quality is almost the same as the traditional rendering method, but the performance is higher.

However, Tegra X1 is just a mobile chip with A57+A53 octa-core CPU+Maxwell GPU. There is no dedicated Tensor core. If Nintendo does not upgrade the SoC, then DLSS may rely heavily on networked cloud computing. Of course, the possibility of chip improvement or upgrade is not ruled out.

In addition, the experience of Switch Pro handheld mode will also be upgraded, including the screen resolution to 960P or 1080P.

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