Nike is playing black tech again

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

Tokyo Olympic Games is in full swing, but in the current epidemic is still severe, even sports still need to wear masks, but the general stuffy feeling of masks has been a problem.

Recently, Nike launched a new Venture Performance Face Mask, a special Mask designed specifically for sports.

The overall use of mesh eye foam and other materials constitute a 3D structure, with enough space for internal breathing, the silver Swoosh on the side of the mask makes the overall sense of movement and temperament obvious.

In addition, the nose pad, chin pad and two straps are equipped to ensure the fit and comfort for all to wear, while washing machine will not be deformed.

Not only that, the mask also comes with a storage bag and a replaceable band, which makes it easy for users to store and keep the surface of the mask hygienic.

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