New Nintendo Switch models

New Nintendo Switch models

Bloomberg said earlier this week that Nintendo plans to release a new Switch model that will be equipped with a Samsung OLED display that consumes less power, has higher contrast, and may even have a faster response time. It is reported that the machine will be equipped with a 7-inch 720p resolution panel, when connected to a TV, it will be able to support 4K ultra-high-definition image quality output.

A well-known person in the industry @NateDrake on ResetEra broke the news that the new NS will provide some “selected exclusive content”, especially from third-party partners.

“There will be some selected exclusive content, especially from third-party partners. They may not be many, but I know there is at least one.”

New Nintendo Switch models

The whistleblower said in another article that Nintendo plans to set this device as a revised version (upgraded version).

“Nintendo’s plan is to position it as a revised version. This is a higher-end model (higher premium) if you want.”

It is worth mentioning that in the 3DS period, Nintendo really provided exclusive works for the new 3DS, such as the first party’s “Excalibur 3D”, the third party’s “Isaac’s Combination Rebirth”, etc., so the news can The reliability is high.

If the content of this revelation is true, then we are expected to see more advanced games developed by third-party companies on the new NS. Even the new NS running current games can have better performance.

At present, both Nintendo and Samsung have declined to comment on the news, but the president of Nintendo said last month that they have no plans to launch a new version of the Switch in the near future.

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