New iPhone sets record sales in China

New iPhone sets record sales in China

Apple released its first quarter earnings report. The financial report shows that Apple’s revenue this quarter was US$111.439 billion, breaking through the US$100 billion mark for the first time. Among them, the iPhone’s revenue reached US$65.59 billion, which is also a record high. At the same time, Cook also proudly announced that the iPhone’s revenue in Greater China this quarter was 21.313 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 57% from the 13.578 billion U.S. dollars in the same period last year. The iPhone upgrade set a record high in China.

New iPhone sets record sales in China

A few hours after Apple’s financial report was published, the authoritative statistical agency IDC also disclosed their research report on global mobile phone share. The report shows that in the fourth quarter of last year, Apple shipped 90 million iPhones, a year-on-year increase of 22.2%, and its market share rose to 23.4%, making it the world’s largest mobile phone brand.

List of global mobile phone shares

Looking back on the past, the last time Apple won the world’s No. 1 title was six years ago. That year, Apple successfully swept the world with the large-screen iPhone 6.

On the iPhone 12, the same drama is repeated again. No matter how many people slander Apple, the majority of consumers choose “True Fragrance”. When the iPhone 12 was launched, Chinese netizens mocked it from head to toe as usual. But the market will not deceive people. At the financial report meeting, Cook said that the new iPhone has set a record high in China, and the 5G iPhone has released people’s long-repressed desire for replacement. Apple CFO Luca said that among the new iPhone customers, the iPhone 12 series accounted for 98%.

The same is true for the data. Estimated based on the growth rate, this generation of iPhone 12 has greatly boosted the previously “dead” Greater China market, allowing Apple to usher in a surge in Greater China after the iPhone 6. Although Cook said that Apple’s success in China is not limited to the iPhone, he also admitted that the iPhone 12 did make a major contribution.

According to industry analysts, this performance of iPhone 12 is inseparable from Huawei’s regretful exit.

The average price of the iPhone 12 is about US$870, which is US$70 higher than the iPhone 11 series, which is the highest in history. According to IDC’s previous data, only Huawei and Apple can maintain a price above US$600 in China. Brand appeal. Cook also admitted that many of the users who bought the iPhone 12 were originally “competitor” users.

China’s smartphone market share in the price range above $600 in the first half of 2020 (Image source: IDC)

How much pressure does iPhone 12 put on domestic models? It can be seen from a data released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology a few days ago: After 2017, overseas brands dominated by iPhone 12 exceeded 20% in sales for the first time. This data fully illustrates Apple’s recognition in the Chinese consumer market. Although the iPhone 12 is not much innovative compared to the iPhone 11, its new model + 5G selling point still firmly grasps the hearts of fruit fans.

Cook said that both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have entered the top three smartphone sales in China this time, and Apple’s “four models” are undoubtedly successful. Since Apple announced its financial report, major institutions have raised their iPhone sales expectations for this year to 240 million units, breaking through the 2.31 iPhone 6 maintained.

In addition to the historic achievements of the iPhone, the revenue of Mac and iPad has also reached its peak. According to financial data, Mac sales increased by 21.2% over the same period, setting a historical record; while iPad sales surged by 41.1%, the best record since 2016.

the best record since 2016.

It is true that the hot sales of Macs and iPads are inseparable from the boom of online classes under the epidemic. With the peak of the epidemic in Europe and America, many countries have issued the strictest closed-door order so far, allowing many users to only use computers for class and office work. In March last year, China experienced a similar “flat-panel craze”. Both Huawei and Apple’s tablet PCs ushered in skyrocketing. Apple has undoubtedly seized this opportunity to replace the phone, and the launch of the iPad 8 and the new iPad Air have received a lot of praise.

Apple has become a well-deserved Big Mac. Today, Apple’s gross profit margin has reached 39.78%, the highest in the past five years, but the increase in profits has not affected sales. In this year, Apple has increased the global iPhone ownership from 900 million to 1 billion.