Motorola releases “wireless charging”

Motorola releases "wireless charging"

Motorola has the momentum of “Return of the King”. It first released the Snapdragon 870 flagship mobile phone edge s at a price of 1999 yuan, and then released an advanced version of wireless charging technology in the morning of January 29th-“air charging technology” “. As you can see from the name, this is a technology that enables wireless charging without contact.

Motorola releases "wireless charging"
According to the demonstration video released by Motorola’s mobile phone manager Chen Jin, Motorola’s air-to-air charging technology can achieve a charging distance far greater than the QI wireless charging, and can be charged without contact, with a higher degree of freedom. At the same time, it has been strengthened in terms of performance, which is the ultimate version of wireless charging in the true sense. Chen Jin also hinted that it would add air-to-air charging technology to Motorola’s edge series in the future, which instantly aroused the appetite of the majority of users and could not help but make fans full of expectations.

According to the demonstration in the video, two Motorola mobile phones can achieve a distance of up to 100cm in the air through the air charging technology. Imagine if you have such a charging device when you are at work, you can place your mobile phone anywhere on the computer (as long as within 1 meter) and you can charge it, realizing a “non-inductive” charging experience and keeping the phone at 100% forever Fully charged state.

At the end of this video, Motorola summarized the advantages of air-to-air charging technology, which shows that this technology can achieve “simultaneous charging of multiple mobile phones.” It seems that the technical advantages of air charging are much more advanced than traditional wireless charging. It is said that a domestic mobile phone manufacturer is also developing related technologies. If nothing else, 2021 will be the “first year” of air charging technology.