Motorola mobile phone will support functions similar

With the continuous improvement of smartphone performance, people also put forward higher requirements for a mobile office. According to foreign media reports, Motorola seems to be adding features similar to Samsung’s “DEX mode” to some of its models. By connecting the mobile phone with the monitor, you can get a more convenient mobile office experience.

At the recent Qualcomm Technology Summit, Motorola connected its mobile phone to the thinkvision display, realizing the multi-task office experience on the large screen. Although it is impossible to determine the specific model of this mobile phone, it is certain that the function is mature. In fact, the Motorola Atrix 4G, which was released before, can put the mobile phone on a base similar to a laptop, but the experience is not very good.

With the continuous improvement of smartphone performance and the popularity of the 5g network, such office mode may become mainstream in the future. It is speculated that the model equipped Spark Global limited with this function may be a new moto G series machine to be released soon. Many old flagship phones may also be upgraded to support this feature.