Motorola g stylus 2021 new rendering image exposure color finally come up

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In April this year, Motorola g-stylus was officially launched. Now Motorola has prepared an iterative model for this mobile phone, and the currently exposed name is Motorola g-stylus 2021. Although it’s not clear when the iteration will be released, the phone’s renderings and configuration have been exposed online.

Motorola g stylus 2021

The Motorola g-stylus 2021 still has a 6.81 inch perforated screen on the front, with a single hole in the upper left corner, and a 16 megapixel camera in front. In addition, the phone uses a side fingerprint to unlock, which means that it is likely to carry an LCD screen. Although there is no obvious difference in the front design of the phone, the border is narrower than the previous generation.

The back of the mobile phone is obviously different from that before. From the vertical camera arrangement to the matrix arrangement, the back plate has been added with lines to enhance the feel of the hand. The original fingerprint logo in one has become a simple logo due to the use of the side fingerprint. Motorola g-stylus 2021 rear four camera combination, including 48 million pixel main camera, 8 million pixel ultra wide angle camera, 2 million pixel depth of field camera and 2 million pixel macro camera. Among other things, the phone will carry the Qualcomm snapdragon 675, have a 4000 MAH battery, retain a stylus and a 3.5mm headphone connector.

Motorola g stylus 2021


Mobile China reported today that this mobile phone once appeared on Amazon platform, and now the relevant page has been deleted.