More than 1000 apps have not been found eavesdropping experts

According to the science and Technology Daily on December 29, he Yanzhe, an expert of APP special governance working group, said that when they tested more than 1000 apps commonly used by users, they had not found any app eavesdropping. However, APP eavesdropping is technically feasible, but not commercially necessary.


App eavesdropping is technically feasible (tuyuan)


He Yanzhe pointed out that app eavesdropping is feasible in theory, as long as you open the recording authority of the mobile phone, you can realize the recording. However, the mobile phone operating system will set the switch and reminder for the recording permission, so it is easy to be found, making the recording not easy to be hidden.

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“Once it is found, it will form a real hammer. It will be against the law to collect personal sensitive information without the user’s permission. Taking such a big risk to push an advertisement is not worth the loss for the business. ” He Yanzhe believes that eavesdropping will also form a large amount of voice information, which needs to be stored, screened and extracted, and the cost is very high.


He Yanzhe said that when you walk into a Nike store and find a Nike advertisement pushed by your circle of friends, you think there will be a problem (eavesdropping). But in fact, Nike may have pushed this advertisement to 1 billion netizens all over the country, but it just happens that you are in the store.



App access to user information (tuyuan)


He Yanzhe said that with the technology of portrait and tracking, you can know what you want to buy or guess what you want to buy. “The right to know, the right to control, and the right to push information to users can also be proposed by him,” he said


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