Modular hole mouse is here!

Modular hole mouse is here!

With the wave of weight loss caused by lightweight mice, many peripheral manufacturers are struggling to reduce weight. The easiest way is to reduce the weight of the mouse shell by punching holes. Now almost all peripheral manufacturers have launched their own lightweight gaming mouse. In order to have better competitiveness in these homogenized products, designers from major manufacturers are also digging their heads for breakthroughs. As a large factory at home and abroad, Pennefather has adopted ingenious design ideas and brought users a hole mouse with a modular design. Let’s take a look with the author.

Modular hole mouse is here!
The outer packaging of the product is still the familiar black and blue color scheme, and the brand recognition is very high. The front of the package is printed with elements such as the brand LOGO, product name, product display diagram, and the back is a brief description of the product characteristics, and the text on both sides provides manufacturer information, quality assurance information and other contentIn the accessory, the product manual is provided, which can replace the magnetic side skirt and tail top cover, which is convenient for users to replace and use according to personal habits.

Modular hole mouse is here!
The Pennefather V360 modular RGB gaming mouse adopts a symmetrical solution and a right-handed design. The body size is about 126mm×65mm×40mm, and the measurements are moderate. The flat and long design concept can also better take into account different hand sizes and holding postures, so that users can get a more comfortable holding experience. The whole body of the fuselage adopts a pure black color scheme, with a polyline design at the corners of the side skirts and a mirror processing method, which further enriches the layering of the mouse. The body is made of high-strength PC material, the surface treatment is smooth and neat, and the hollow part has no burrs and protrusions. The overall touch of the body is delicate and gentle, making the grip more comfortable.The overall design style of the fuselage is stylish and tough. The tail cover and side skirts have been hollowed out for lightweight considerations. The hollowed holes have no obvious impact on the feel. Users who are worried about the holes affecting the overall feel can use them with confidence. A translucent light guide strip is added to the bottom of the tail, which can also bring good lighting effects after the mouse is powered on.There are two side buttons on the left side skirt of the fuselage. The height of the side buttons is appropriate and will not affect the placement of the thumb. The curved design fits the curve of the thumb, and it is more convenient to press and trigger. The side keys have a moderate range, so there is no need to worry about accidental touches in daily use. The triggering of the two side buttons is lighter, and the thumb is easier.The two main buttons on the left and right adopt a split button design, and the Rapoo brand logo is added to the left button panel to further enhance the brand recognition. The fretting uses the Huanuo blue shell white point fretting, which has a life span of 20 million clicks. The hand feels light and crisp, the trigger is quick and fast, the rebound is strong, and the split button feels very well, and there is no empty keystroke. , Abnormal noise and other issues. The roller adopts a light-transmitting roller design, and the texture on the surface of the roller also has a good anti-skid effect. The scroll wheel rolls smoothly and smoothly, the damping feel is moderate, the scale is clear, and it is easier to press in the middle. Behind the scroll wheel are two DPI adjustment buttons, which are triggered by conventional micro-movements. The hand feels crisp and the confirmation sense is clear.

The Pennefather V360 modular RGB gaming mouse adopts a lightweight design idea, and also uses a hollow scheme at the bottom of the fuselage to further reduce the weight of the fuselage. A total of 6 foot stickers are designed on the bottom to make the mouse smoother and more stable when sliding, which further enhances the user experience. The bottom part adopts a central sensor solution, allowing users to adapt quickly.

In terms of wire, a braided wire is provided with a length of about 1.8 meters, which can meet the needs of most users’ desktop layouts. The overall material of the wire is rather hard. Nowadays, most lightweight mice use super-soft wires. This kind of braided wire does have a little bit of crotch. Fortunately, in daily use, this wire does not have too obvious drag. There is no obvious interference with the mouse operation. In order to facilitate storage, the cable is also equipped with a rubber strap, and the anti-interference magnetic ring at the end part can also prevent electromagnetic interference from affecting the use of the mouse.


The Pennefather V360 gaming mouse body adopts a modular design scheme, and the left and right side skirts and tail cover adopt a magnetic buckle scheme, so users can easily disassemble and replace different modules. In the accessories, non-hollowed left and right side skirts and tail caps are provided for replacement. Users can adjust whether the left and right side skirts and tail caps are hollowed out according to personal usage habits. The rich gameplay also further enhances the fun of DIY and brings users A higher degree of customization.

Through the exclusive driver, the user can also set the mouse parameter performance, lighting, macro function and other options. The driver is divided into five pages. The design style is simple and easy to understand, which is convenient for users to change and adjust the settings. In the main setting interface, the user can adjust the 7-level DPI value, and supports 100DPI stepping for adjustment. The DPI range is 200~6200DPI, which is sufficient for daily use. The return rate part is to provide four levels of adjustment, users can adjust according to the game and computer performance. The button setting part provides a wealth of button function options, users can change and adjust by themselves, or record macro functions and bind them to use.


In the light setting interface, users can adjust the light color, light effect mode, brightness, dynamic speed and other options of the wheel lights and tail light strips. It supports independent adjustment and mixed color mixing modes, which further enriches the lighting gameplay. In the macro editing, the user can record the function of the macro button and bind it to the designated button. Multiple operation instructions can be integrated, reducing the operation steps and making the use more convenient.


In the support interface, users can update the driver software version, mouse firmware, or restore the factory settings of the mouse, complete the mouse function through the software or firmware mode, and increase the light mode. On the cloud synchronization page, users can upload the configured configuration file to the cloud, and only need to download the application when using it in the future, making the mouse more convenient to use.



The Pennefather V360 modular RGB gaming mouse has two lighting areas, which are located on the mouse wheel and the tail light strip. The built-in driver’s multiple lighting effect modes can bring good lighting effects. Two sets of different covering modules also give the lights a different visual perception, which further enriches the user’s visual perception.


The Pennefather V360 modular RGB gaming mouse adopts a lightweight design. After replacing the left and right side skirts and tail caps, the weight is only about 68 grams. After carrying the fully hollowed module components, the body weight is about 80g, which can already meet the demanding requirements of most lightweight mouse users for the mouse weight. If a non-hollowed module is used for replacement, the weight is about 95g, and the weight control is still pretty good.


I also tried other combinations here, such as replacing the fully enclosed tail cap and hollow side skirts. The body weight is about 90 grams. With a hollow tail cap and closed side skirts, the weight is only about 81 grams. There is a counterweight bin inside the closed tail cover, and the weight can be reduced by about 9 grams without the counterweight. Alternative programs also allow this mouse to have up to 8 different combinations, which users can adjust according to personal usage habits. The weight performance of different collocations is not the same, but the overall weight is basically controlled at around 82 grams to 95 grams, and the weight performance is still good. If the magnetic structure can be optimized in the later stage, I believe the weight performance will be even better.

The Pennefather V360 modular RGB gaming mouse is equipped with PMW3327 optical sensor, has an adjustment range of 200~6200DPI, supports 220IPS and 30G acceleration, the performance is good, and it can be fully loaded for daily and game use. The 7-level DPI value switching can also cope with different resolution scenarios. Users can customize the DPI value through the driver software to obtain a more accurate and stable experience.

In the game, the lightweight body and symmetrical design make it easy to grasp and pinch. The bottom foot stickers also allow the mouse to slide steadily and smoothly, and the positioning is more accurate. It also responds to large turns and pulls in the game. Very stable and relaxed. The overall grip of the fuselage is excellent, the palm part is firmly supported, the concave waistline is easy to grasp and does not slip off, the fuselage is small and light, and there is no fatigue on the wrist for long-term gaming. The key adjustment performance is good, the feel is compact and there is no virtual position, whether it is the sense of manipulation or the feel of the keys, the performance is very good.

The Pennefather V360 modular RGB gaming mouse closely follows the current trend of hole mice, and adopts an innovative modular solution based on hole mice, so that the weight and body style of the mouse have more abundant changes and choices. Allow users to adjust according to personal preferences. The PMW3327 optical sensor, 7-speed DPI adjustment, macro editing, and the addition of RGB lighting effects also make this mouse excellent in performance and practicality. The comfortable body grip and crisp and sensitive button feel also bring a better user experience to users. At present, this mouse has been sold in the Rapoo flagship store, priced at 149 yuan, users who like it may wish to consider buying.

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