mini sports watch health smart housekeeper_ Sina public test

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These functions are also very simple to use. There is only one button on the amazfit GTS 2 Mini meter. You can click it to enter the function interface. It is easy to use with touch screen.


Amazfit GTS 2 mini sports watch health smart housekeeper_ Sina public test


Amazfit GTS 2 mini sports watch health smart housekeeper_ Sina public test


Sleep is very important for us. Amazfit GTS 2mini can identify deep sleep, light sleep, REM rapid eye movement and other sleep stages, cooperate with blood oxygen engine, and monitor our sleep breathing quality. Through the whole night sleep monitoring, the watch can analyze our sleep status, whether the total duration is enough, whether the proportion of deep sleep is up to the standard, and it can also score the sleep quality through the algorithm. Based on these data, the watch will provide some suggestions to help improve sleep quality, such as adjusting sleeping posture to improve sleep breathing quality and so on.


What’s more interesting is that it also has a snoring and dreamtalk monitoring function, which can help us restore our dreams. The most important thing is that if we find snoring habits, it is easy to correct them in time. In addition, if you have a nap habit, amazfit GTS 2 Mini can also detect more than 20 minutes of nap.



Blood oxygen saturation is also a very important health data. If the value is too low, people are prone to dizziness, nausea and other symptoms, and even life-threatening. Amazfit GTS 2mini can measure blood oxygen saturation data in real time. The measurement method is also very simple, wrist flat, screen up, wait a moment, you can see their oxygen saturation.


The 24-hour heart rate monitoring is basically the standard configuration of smart watch at present. However, the heart rate function of amazfit GTS 2mini can not only monitor but also warn. Watch can achieve high heart rate warning, but also can automatically identify atrial fibrillation, for young people who often stay up late to work overtime, this function can be said to be super practical.


Based on all-weather heart rate monitoring, amazfit GTS 2 Mini also supports pressure monitoring function. If the pressure value increases or exceeds the standard, it needs to be solved in time. For example, use the breathing training function of the watch to relax.

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In addition to the functions mentioned above, amazfit GTS 2 Mini also adds women’s health management, which can intelligently record the time and length of women’s physiological period, intimately remind menstruation and ovulation day, and help women users manage their own physiological health.



Another interesting feature of amazfit GTS 2 Mini is Pai. Pai is a health assessment system, based on each person’s physiological data and heart rate data, combined with daily activity intensity and physiological data for multi-dimensional assessment, converted into an intuitive health index. Pai above 100 can improve the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce the life expectancy.


What’s more, it’s difficult to get Pai value

In general, this amazfit GTS 2 Mini watch is fashionable in appearance and exquisite in workmanship. I especially like the texture that it flickers between the wrists. No matter in health management, exercise monitoring or life details management, it can let you intuitively understand yourself and make your life and health to a higher level. If you want to say the disadvantages, the app’s data range is wider and more interactive, which is conducive to better integration of users. In a word, I like this lightweight and fashionable watch very much. I recommend it to you.


Amazfit GTS 2 mini sports watch health smart housekeeper_ Sina public test


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