Millet folding screen machine

Millet folding screen machine

Xiaomi officials have previously announced that it will hold a new product launch in spring on the evening of March 29, and will launch Xiaomi 11 pro and Xiaomi 11 ultra, which are known as “Android king”.


But these are not the heaviest products in this conference. According to the latest news from the bloggers, the long silent millet mix series will return this time with a new look of folding screen, which can be called “folding machine emperor”.


It is reported that Xiaomi mix fold has officially passed the network access certification last week, and the information shows that the machine will be equipped with model mdy-12-es charger, which supports 11V 6.1a and up to 67.1w fast charging, which is completely consistent with Xiaomi 11 Pro Series.


In terms of core configuration, it is revealed that Xiaomi mix fold will also be basically consistent with Xiaomi 11 Pro Series, equipped with the industry’s top Xiaolong 888 processor and lpddr5 + UFS 3.1 memory specification, with top performance iron triangle blessing.


It is worth mentioning that the folding screen mobile phone has more internal space, and its heat dissipation performance will be better than that of ordinary flagship, which is more conducive to the ultimate performance output of Xiaolong 888, and is expected to bring more powerful performance than Xiaomi 11 Pro Series.


As Xiaomi’s first folding screen mobile phone, the screen design of mix fold is naturally highly anticipated. According to the news, the machine will adopt the overall design similar to Samsung Galaxy Z fold2, equipped with a folding screen supporting folding in, and the interior of the body is supported and connected by hinges.


In addition, the main screen of Xiaomi mix fold is not equipped with any openings. It is a complete 8.03 inch screen, which can bring a very shocking visual experience. At the same time, in order to facilitate daily use, Xiaomi has not equipped with a 6.38 inch external sub screen, which is enough to meet daily operation, avoid frequent folding to a great extent, and extend the screen life.


More importantly, it is reported that Xiaomi’s first folding screen mobile phone may break the bottom line of price and become the cheapest folding screen mobile phone, which will further accelerate the popularity of folding screen mobile phones, which is worth looking forward to.

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