Mijia Fresh Air Conditioner Reviews

Mijia Fresh Air Conditioner Reviews

Mijia Fresh Air Conditioner

Mijia Fresh Air Conditioner Reviews

Fresh air blowers are a new category that has gradually been recognized by consumers in recent years. However, like air purifiers, these types of environmental appliances tend to fluctuate with the air quality. Compared with them, air conditioners are just-needed appliances for many families. In the face of hot summer days, indoors without air conditioners are indeed very difficult when facing the high temperature of 35~40℃.

Therefore, the concept of fresh air air conditioning has naturally emerged. As a device that also connects indoor and outdoor air, the addition of fresh air attributes allows the air conditioner to finely filter the air while cooling, heating, and supplying air. Mijia has also recently launched fresh air-conditioning products. As the current leading brand in the IoT industry, the complete product system and the pursuit of the latest technological trends have always been one of the reasons why Mijia can be sought after by young users.

Clean design and cost-effective genes are retained

Mijia Air Conditioning Matrix

Starting from the first generation of products, Mijia air conditioners have created a set of highly recognizable design elements belonging to their own. The simple and non-opening front integrated design, the round display window, a whole baffle at the bottom and the iconic white/gray light color combination, even if you only see the appearance, you will subconsciously think that this is a one Taiwan Mijia air-conditioning products.

Mijia logo

For young people who admire a simple decoration style at home, this kind of design will undoubtedly have a better design integration. However, compared with previous products, Mijia Fresh Air Air Conditioner has made some design changes. First, the width of the bottom air outlet has been further narrowed, and secondly, the display area has been changed from the previous right-based layout to the left side. .

Side of the fuselage

This time the Titanium Media got a new level 1 energy efficiency standard product, not the premium version. The premium version also has a new screen display on the bottom right side. For users pursuing functionality and cost-effectiveness, the 1-hp and 1.5-hp Mijia fresh-air air conditioners priced at 2,599 and 2,799 yuan are very cost-effective, and they have passed a new level of energy efficiency standard that can provide better energy efficiency in long-term operation. Performance, for users who often turn on air conditioners in summer or even winter, the energy efficiency level will bring a certain difference in electricity costs.

“Respiratory Health Screen”

The “breathing health screen” on the fuselage provides a more integrated look and feel, but compared with the black background + white display method adopted by earlier products, the character definition of this display method is a little worse. For this reason, Mijia In the design, the volume of the digital display is increased, so that the current operating state can be seen at a glance from a distance.

The principle of wind

How does the air conditioner realize the fresh air function? I believe this is the biggest question that many people have about this product. In fact, its principle is not complicated. It is to add a more dense filter structure to the air conditioner to ensure the cleanliness of the indoor air discharged from the outside of the air conditioner compressor. To replace the dirty air in the room with fresh air.

In-flight filter

Specifically, in this product of Mijia Fresh Air Air Conditioning, the fresh air filter element added in the machine includes a high-density filter (2 layers), a silver ion coating, and a HEPA filter with a total of 4 layers of purification and filtration systems. The PM2.5 filtration efficiency can reach 99.1% or more. The fresh air function also has an independent switch button. Limited by the structural volume of the air conditioner, the filter element area of ​​the fresh air air conditioner is often compressed. Therefore, it is not recommended to turn on the fresh air function 24 hours a day in daily use.

Filter design

After opening the front cover of the Mijia fresh air air conditioner, the filter that realizes the fresh air function is inserted on the far left side. With the cooling and air supply functions of the air conditioner, the maximum fresh air volume of this product can reach 40m/h. However, because most people rarely turn on the air volume to the maximum when using air conditioners, and with the two cooling capacity levels of 1 HP/1.5 HP, Mijia fresh air air conditioners are more suitable for use in bedrooms and studies of 10-25 square meters.

Snap-in fixing

There is also a small detail, that is, the front cover of the Mijia fresh air air conditioner is fixed by a buckle, which is also to enhance the overall sealing. However, compared with a new fan that adopts magnetic opening and closing, more power is required to replace the filter element. Excessive power may cause damage to the buckle. If the next generation adopts a magnetic design or It would be even better if the filter element can be replaced without removing the front cover.

Excellent mute effect, intelligent scenes increase linkage function

Air outlet

After adding the new air function, the Mijia fresh air air conditioner is most helpful for the use of the sleeping environment. In summer air-conditioned rooms, the doors and windows are often closed due to the pursuit of cooling effects. However, the relatively sealed environment also causes the exhaust gas such as carbon dioxide to be exhaled cannot be replaced with fresh air, so many people feel dizzy and hold their breath after sleeping for a long time in a small air-conditioned room.

Noise performance

As a commonly used household appliance during sleep, air conditioners have very high requirements for mute effects. Mijia fresh air air conditioners do very well in this regard. The noise near the airframe of the first gear is less than 30dB, which will not interfere with sleep. The noise in the middle gear and the highest gear are 40.1dB and 53.6dB respectively, and they are both relatively quiet. Generally speaking, for a space of 15 square meters, there are not many opportunities for the air conditioner to turn on to the middle gear.

Air volume test

In terms of air volume performance, Titanium Media also tested specific data for the lowest gear, middle gear, and highest grade. The lowest gear can reach 1.51m/s, the middle gear is 2.18m/s, and the highest grade is 3.36. m/s, combined with the above noise control capabilities, the basic experience of Mijia fresh air air conditioner is very good.