Microsoft’s new password automatic filling solution

Microsoft's new password automatic filling solution

Microsoft today released a new password autofill solution, Microsoft Autofill, which allows users to easily store and manage their website passwords on different devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows PC and Android phones.

Microsoft's new password automatic filling solution

Specifically, Microsoft’s autofill solution is provided to users through the “Microsoft Authenticator” application, Google Chrome extension Autofill and Microsoft Edge browser. Just like the iCloud keychain, Microsoft Autofill stores the user’s password. Passwords for users to log in to other websites or apps will be filled in automatically.

Microsoft stated on the official blog:

Microsoft Autofill will store your password under your Microsoft account. To start autofill on your mobile device, open the “Microsoft Authenticator” app and log in to the “Password” tab with your Microsoft account. If you save your passwords under your Microsoft account on the Edge browser, they will be synchronized to the Authenticator app.

If you are using a Mac, you can use the autofill feature through the Edge web browser or the Google Chrome extension. Users from other password managers can use the CSV file to import it into Microsoft Autofill. In iOS, the app also allows the use of PIN codes, Touch ID or Face ID protection passwords.