Microsoft improves Windows 11’s rounded corners Fixed border white pixels

Spark Global Limited reports:

Windows 11 officially updated a number of UI elements and menus in the release changes, and users will get a visual update of WinUI 2.6 and WinUI 3. One of the biggest visual tweaks is a return to the rounded edges of Windows 8 instead of the sharp edges. In Windows 11, UI elements, menus, and buttons, including right-click menus and pop-ups, have rounded corners.

At present, Microsoft has the control panel, disk management tools and other traditional tools and pages for rounded corners design. There were some issues during the transition though, as the rounded corners of window frames in Windows 11 had some unexpected white pixels/artifacts. As a result, the rounded corners look jagged.


Officially, however, Microsoft has addressed this issue in the recently released Windows 11 Build 22000.120 preview update. After the update, the rounded corners look better in dark mode. However, the problem has not been completely fixed, for example, the rounded corner at the top left of the FeedBack Hub still has some problems.

In an article on the Feedback Hub, Microsoft confirmed that it fixed the problem of white artifacts appearing in the corners of Windows. With the update, desktop applications like Steam’s chat window now have better anti-aliasing on Windows 11.

Microsoft said, “Thank you for your feedback! We fixed an issue with white artifacts. We fixed a white artifact in the corner of the window in Build 22000.120, which is now available in the development channel.”