Microsoft CEO-Xbox and PS5

Microsoft CEO-Xbox and PS5

Microsoft CEO-Xbox and PS5
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reiterated his vision for the Future of the Xbox when asked about competing with SONY’s PLAYSTATION 5.

It’s no secret that Microsoft is making Xbox Game Pass part of its strategy for future games. The company wants to reach as many people as possible and believes its “Netflix model” approach is in the right direction. SONY, meanwhile, has taken a different approach to the PS5, continuing to focus on PS exclusivity. At Microsoft’s annual shareholder meeting, nadella was asked what the redmond-based company was doing to differentiate its new Xbox Series X|S console from SONY’s playstation 5 to win this generation of consoles.

Nadella responded by talking about the powerful performance of Microsoft’s next generation console, but stressing that Microsoft has a broader vision for games.

“First of all, we are very excited about the launch of the new console in the market. We’ve been working to make sure that the player community that wants us to have the best consoles has a new generation of consoles that are really powerful and really great to play games on. We’re supporting it with the best content and the best community.

But our broader vision is to make sure that three billion gamers can play their games, wherever they want to play all the content they want to play, and play with the people they want to play with. That’s where our strategy comes from. With ZeniMax, we doubled our content portfolio. Through Game Pass, we have made progress in community work and subscription services. That’s what you expect of us. We’re definitely very, very focused on games and making sure that our three billion players around the world have access to the best content, the best communities, the best cloud services to drive their gaming experience forward.”

Interestingly, Nadella’s response didn’t mention the SONY PS5. Microsoft has previously said that it would not see SONY as a competitor, with Google and amazon as its main rivals.

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